F3 Naperville covid-19 response

PAX of F3 Naperville,

We continue to be challenged with new and extraordinary circumstances daily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to share the ways in which we believe the pillars, purpose, and principles of F3 respond to the constantly changing situations.

F3 was designed to foster the invigoration of male community leadership. Leadership is, and remains, our focus. To that end, F3 as an organization isn’t designed as a top down leadership structure – it’s peer led. Any structure or governance is there to facilitate leadership and fulfill the mission, not dictate it. To facilitate this leadership, we believe in the following:

  • During times of crisis we have an opportunity to lead responsibly in our communities
  • As a collective body, we should respond appropriately and follow the guidelines and orders of legal governing bodies and authority: (Per Illinois State Executive Order )
  • After careful deliberation we have made the decision to re-open all AOs effective Monday, May 18.
  • This will NOT be “business as usual”. While invigorating leadership through accelerated fitness is our mission, Safety is our number one priority. Adherence to all newly adopted regulations is mandatory and we reserve the right to modify as necessary as well as close shop again if we are unable to effectively adopt these safety measures on a consistent basis. We are very excited to be reopening and to be able to get back in the gloom with you, so please do your part to keep us all safe.
  • We will respect and honor our value of “Free Will” – though encourage all PAX to practice caution and safety, not just for themselves, but for their families and community to the highest degree possible.
  • To promote Shield Lock, we will respect the differences in opinions and concerns of our brothers within F3 and seek to support each other during these difficult circumstances
  • We will continue to accelerate through the avenues of Shield Lock, 2nd F, 3rd F, Q-Source opportunities
As always, do not hesitate to contact any of us serving you right now. #SYITVG (See you in the virtual gloom),
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