Dear F3 Naperville,

Today is a historic day for F3 Naperville. With a little EH back in May of 2020, the advantage of Virtuosity to bring proximity when none was easily available, lots of FNG’s, and a little push off the ledge, we’re proud to announce F3 Tri-County! Today, we’ve become the only F3 Region between Chicago’s Crossroads and St.Louis. 

The growth doesn’t stop there. Our launch planted new seeds in Bloomington, Peoria, Springfield, Decatur and Champaign. With FNG’s from Bloomington and our very own Beetle Bailey leading his Army reserve boot-camp drills in Decatur (at the same time as the launch!), we’re truly partners in planting and growing small workout groups for the invigoration of male leadership in the community. Thank you for helping us go from virtual reality (Virtuosity) to actual reality (“Olympus”).

We have a few unique challenges ahead of us. Could we be the first official region to birth solely from a virtual workout? How do we expand as the country roads freeze over this winter? How do we encourage men who started on Virtuosity to go to on-site AO’s? When and where do we launch more AO’s on other days/times? When do we create our own Virtuosity? Who will be our next leaders? How will we implement all three F’s? It’s these questions that are causing conversations that are creating leaders and excitement amongst us!

Our mission is our name (F3) but our end goal is to simply give away what F3 has given to each of us. This is for every Sad Clown out there that’s lost between the corn fields of Central Illinois, isolated, and battling anxiety from the pandemic. There’s a harvest of them to bring in!  We’re going to wave the shovel flag of male leadership and authentic community in a day and age when both those things are at an all time low. We will leave no man behind and leave no man where we found them.

As for the future, we’re in this together. We need each other as we learn to “leave right” and “lead right”. Each member of our leadership team is now individually connected to your leadership team. Your commitment and passion is rubbing off on us. Keep it up! Thank you for sharing what F3 has given you.

Humbly your Tri-County LT 1.0,

1st F Q – Chun-Li
3rd F Q – Blackeye
Friday Virtuosity Site/AO Q – Rand McNally
Saturday Site/AO Q – Buggs
Nantan – Backstage