Announcing F3 Naperville’s Transformation – WCE Starfish

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On behalf of the current Shared Leadership Team for the region of F3 Naperville, we are excited to announce the next phase of growth for F3 Naperville in 2023 and forward. The first flag was planted in our region in 2017, and true to our mission statement, High Impact Men of this organization have grown and served small men’s workout groups across 35 miles of rugged Midwest terrain. Our leadership strategy is that of a “starfish” model (defined below) and thus we have many HIM that lead in all 3 F’s over a very large area. As intended and as a result of this growth, a need for shared leadership more proximate to the PAX in the area has arisen. Below is a breakdown of where we are and where we’re heading. Please take the time to read it, digest and think about what could be for the region. From a leadership perspective, we have created the WestCentral and East sub-region, each forming its own Shared Leadership Team. The Nant’an of each respective sub-region will be Animal HouseBean Counter and Dorn, and they will begin to form SLT’s focused on serving the three sub-regions, in the areas they most need.

F3 Naperville's New SLT
F3 Naperville's New SLT: Animal House - West Nant'an; Bean Counter - Central Nant'an; Dorn - East Nant'an;

We are an organization of leaders, and working as a team of teams is how F3 has flourished across the country. The current F3 Naperville region SLT will continue to serve the region as strategic advisors through the transformation and as liaisons between F3 Nation and other regions. There will be questions, challenges, celebrations as this organization continues its purpose of invigorating male community leadership. We do not have the answers, but we’re willing and ready to head into the gloom and continue to build the next 43 feet!

SLT 4.5

  • Baby Hands, Nant’an
  • Snowden, Weasel Shaker
  • Blues Clues, 1stF Q
  • One-Eye-Willy, 2ndF Q
  • Toadstool, 3rdF Q
  • Mia Hamm, Growth Q
  • Snoop-a-Loop, Commz Q

Starfish definition:

Starfish definition: A Starfish is a distinct type of organization. It is flat, having no hierarchical governance or tangled bureaucratic web. Most organizations are Spiders, in that they invest tremendous power into a single leader. However, cut the head off of the Spider and the body dies. In contrast, a Starfish has no “CEO”, just a cultural/spiritual Leader situated in the vague center of the confluence of appendages that comprise the Starfish itself. Bereft of institutional power, he must persuade to lead. Each of the appendages of a Starfish is self-sufficient. If cut-off it grows into a Starfish of its own. The Starfish then grows a new appendage. F3 chose the Starfish as its organizational model in order to harness the genius and energy of the many leaders within its ranks.

Transformation Overview

Why change?

  • With 12 current AOs and 400+ active PAX, F3 Naperville has grown significantly since 2017. This growth and expansion has made F3 Naperville one of the largest and most pre-imminent regions in the nation.
  • Currently, F3 Naperville’s farthest west and east AOs are 35 miles apart. A region this expansive limits our ability to have the proximity, engagement and leadership opportunities in support of all 3 Fs.
Current F3 Naperville Map

How do we evolve?

  • Transforming into three sub-regions offers AO expansion opportunities on western and eastern fronts, while supporting more proximate and engaged groups of PAX that can better fulfill F3’s mission to PlantGrow and Serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.
Future F3 Naperville Plans
Future F3 Naperville Plans

Transformation Offers PAX More Opportunities to Lead

  • Creating sub-region Shared Leadership Teams (SLTs) promotes growth opportunities to a wider set of PAX.
  • Sub-region SLTs can collaborate and compete in a variety of ways.
  • Localizing 2nd, 3rd, Growth and Commz Qs, along with the Weasel Shaker role offers opportunity to be more geographically relevant and impactful.
  • Curious what these roles encompass? Visit this link.
  • Interested in becoming a SLT member? Reach out to the corresponding Nant’an to discuss!

Operational Notes

  • Data and stats: No change – these will still captured the same way through PaxMiner, and rolled up on the main site.
  • Slack: Maintain F3 Naperville Slack as the primary platform but new SLTs may create more tailored #Channels as needs arise.
  • Social Media: The current social media profiles and process will stay the same, with big opportunities to drive more content and campaigns through additional Commz Qs.
  • Questions / Comments: Reach out to any of the SLT members on Slack or email [email protected].