F3 Naperville Leadership Team

Our leadership strategy is that of a “starfish” model (defined below) and thus we have many HIM that lead in all 3 F’s over a very large area. From a leadership perspective, we have created the West & Central sub-region, each forming its own Shared Leadership Team (SLT). The Nant’an of each respective sub-region are Animal House and Bean Counter. Each SLT is  focused on serving the two sub-regions, in the areas they most need. The West and Central SLTs are willing and ready to head into the gloom and continue to build the next 43 feet!


The Q of the Region.
It’s his problem.
Primary telegram line
to The Nation.

Animal House
West - Animal House
Putt Putt
Central - Putt Putt


“Shakes the weasels” and makes sure everyone’s doing what they are supposed to do.
Loves spreadsheets, rules, and details.
Keeps the ear to the ground and finger on the pulse of the PAX.

SLT - Sir Mix A Lot
West - Sir Mix-A-Lot
Spirit Fingers SLT
Central - Spirit Fingers

1st F Q

Ensures the smooth running of the AOs.
He makes sure that Site Qs are doing their jobs
Also helps to plan and execute CSAUPs
He holds regular Q Schools to encourage leadership of workouts.
Chief Naysayer on anything that doesn’t allow PAX to be “Freed to Lead”.

West - Parks & Rec
West - Parks & Rec
Central - Tinactin
Central - Tinactin

2nd F Q

Mr. Party Pants.
Whether it be Happy Hour, family picnics, Christmas Parties, or Coffeeteria, this is the guy who makes the donuts.
The CommzQ is his best friend, as he attempts to get Pax motivated and excited about Fellowshipping together.

SLT - Roadtrip
West - Road Trip
Central - Snots
Central - Snots

3rd F Q

Understands the needs and wants of his Pax.
Can plant anything from an open discussion group to a regular community service opportunity for Pax. His role is the essence of F3. Male COMMUNITY Leadership.

West - Algorithm
F3 SLT - HH Greg
Central - HH Greg

Growth Q

The Growth Q is all over expansion and retention.
BFF’s with the Weasel Shaker to keep stats and geographies top of mind.
Seeks, tests, and launches new AO’s
Recruits, champions, leads, plants, taps a shoulder, then steps aside back into the gloom seeking new land to plant new AO’s. 

Wedding Planner
West - Wedding Planner
Central Growth Q - Dumpster Fire
Central - Dumpster Fire


Keeps PAX connected.
Beats the drum to keep the community together.
Chief announcement dude and social media maven.
Twitter, Slack, FB, IG, Website, Newsletters, etc. are the tools he uses.
Reasonably tech-savvy and does not support the Oxford comma.

SLT - Title IX
West - Title IX
Central - Stay-Puft


The F3 Ambassadors, if you will. Every man’s first impression of F3 will likely be guided by the work of these men. This is where the rubber really meets the road.

He makes sure that the core principles are kept intact, which is impossible to do if HE ISN’T THERE. So, the inferred commandment is, BE THERE. Every time. Period.

He plants the flag for the AO, makes folks feel welcome, makes sure the disclaimer is correctly spoken, picks up the 6, etc.

He manages safety for the site (don’t post if there is a bunch of lightning, that sort of thing).
He champions the Q schedule. Practices Voluntoldism…
He sells the AO, the Qs, and the Mission of F3.
He harasses Qs to write BBs, etc.

4th of july convergence - flags with the gloom

Starfish Model

A Starfish is a distinct type of organization. It is flat, having no hierarchical governance or tangled bureaucratic web. Most organizations are Spiders, in that they invest tremendous power into a single leader. However, cut the head off of the Spider and the body dies. In contrast, a Starfish has no “CEO”, just a cultural/spiritual Leader situated in the vague center of the confluence of appendages that comprise the Starfish itself. Bereft of institutional power, he must persuade to lead. Each of the appendages of a Starfish is self-sufficient. If cut-off it grows into a Starfish of its own. The Starfish then grows a new appendage. F3 chose the Starfish as its organizational model in order to harness the genius and energy of the many leaders within its ranks.

See announcement from December 2022