F3NF’s Mission Statement

The F3 Naperville Foundation is committed to supporting local organizations that help individuals and families in our community get through their darkest hours, provide the services to set them on the right path, and prepare them with the tools to accelerate their growth. 

Theme 1:  Get Through

Defined as:  We believe that supporting our community starts with protecting its most vulnerable members as they fight through their hardest times.  We support organizations that provide:

  • Shelter to the homeless
  • Food access for economically disadvantaged families and individuals struggling with hunger
  • Support services for individuals and families facing significant medical journeys
  • Protection, support, and counseling for victims of domestic abuse

Theme 2:  Get Right

Defined as:  We believe that before community members can succeed and thrive, they must first get right with themselves.  We donate to organizations that offer:

  • Services for those struggling with mental illness
  • Programs and education for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction

Theme 3:  Get Prepared

We believe in giving community members the tools and skills necessary to accelerate their personal growth.  We invest in organizations that:

  • Provide job and life skills programs 
  • Create mentoring programs for at-risk youth
  • Support community health and fitness
  • Offer education and therapy programs for individuals and families with intellectual disabilities