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Everyday Base Gear

  • Shoes
    • Running – Salomon, Hoka One One, Brooks are all popular brands
    • Trail/Waterproof – Having a good pair with gortex and trail grip can be useful for wet weather or for early morning dew on the grass as we are not always on the pavement.
  • Nitrile or Latex Dipped Work/Garden Gloves.  You can go to Menards and pick up a pair for pretty cheap.  I recommend avoiding leather, get something that breathes on the top side of your hand.
  • “Coupon”.  This is just a standard 36lb (Unless you need to “modify” your workout) cinder block that you can get at Menards and usually receive at your first workout.  The pre-blast will tell you if a coupon is being used in the workout or not.  They do break easily (Especially when dropped in a parking lot) so having an extra one or two stashed around the outside of your house doesn’t hurt.  Have fun customizing your coupon to make it your own, see our Coupon Gallery for ideas.
  • Headlamps can be handy for early morning runs through the woods/paths that are not lit.
  • Car Seat cover or a Towel.  Sweat, Snow, Rain, Sleet, etc, one way or another you may end up wet and dirty and want to keep your car seat as clean and dry as possible.
  • Spare T-Shirt.  Especially if you go out for coffeeteria after the workout you may want to change your shirt.

F3 Workouts are held outdoors regardless of rain or snow, and heat or cold;

These are just some loose guides on what may help some guys running hotter/colder than others.  Also keep in mind as you get moving you may want to take off one of your top layers. Adjust for windchill, humidity and personal preference. NOTE: Cotton is NOT a good base layer, it absorbs moisture and keeps your body cold in cold weather, make sure your base layer is moisture wicking, cotton can be second layer though.

50+ degrees

  • F3 Shirt (Workout Shirt) and shorts.

40-50 degrees

  • Swap out your short sleeve shirt for a long sleeve shirt and/or light pants.

30-40 degrees

  • Either light workout pants or a set of base layers under shorts and t-shirt.
  • Headband/hat especially for those with less hair like me.

20-30 degrees

  • Thermal base layer top/bottom with long pants and long sleeve shirt.
  • Thicker Nitrile Gloves or wool liners under your normal gloves.
  • Earmuffs/headband/hat especially for those with less hair like me.
  • Merino wool socks

10-20 degrees

  • Base layers top/bottom
  • Thicker sweat pants
  • Long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt or hoodie
  • Balaclava or Facemask and hat
  • Thicker Nitrile Gloves or wool liners under your normal gloves.
  • Merino wool socks
  • Gortex/Waterproof shoes

<10 degrees

  • Base layers top/bottom
  • Thicker sweat pants or snow pants
  • Long sleeve shirt and jacket or hoodie
  • Balaclava or Facemask and hat
  • Two pairs of socks
    • Injinji Toe socks work good as a baselayer sock
    • Merino Wool as a second layer
  • Wool Liners along with mittens
  • Boots or Gortex/Waterproof Shoes

Some recommendations on what to purchase

  • F3 Official Gear
    • Note for the “Mudgear Fitted” shirt you will most likely want to go up a size from your normal size.
    • Regional/Customized gear is ordered periodically throughout the year and will be announced on Slack when there is an open order.

Below just some of the favorite items that PAX have used over the years (Click the item name to open the link of recommended, NOT Official Endorsed, items)


  • 8x8x16 36lb Cinder Block
    • Don’t forget to visit the Coupon Gallery for ideas on making it your own.
    • If you are injured and need to modify there are smaller/half size blocks you can get as well.



Base layers




Ruck Sacks

Some useful guides on what to wear for which season


GoRuck Ruck Sacks are probably the most common you will find in use for F3 Naperville:

There is usually a monthly discount code you can find in the #ruck_hq channel on Slack.

Beyond that here are a few articles about what ruck sacks you might consider looking at: