F324 At Three AOs for 2023

Are you ready to RUUUMMMBLEE for F324 2023: The WAR of F-EIGHTs?!?! (Pronounced “FATES”) Three AOs representing near by F3 Naperville AOs will each run eight workouts for 8 hours simultaneously from 4:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturday, November 4, 2023. The home AO will compete for the most participation from PAX. 

This is a twist from previous F324 events. Instead of one 24 hour event, there are three 8 hour events totaling 24 hours. This will encourage more participation in the event and will each accumulate in a Family Boot camp and 2nd F opportunity afterwards. 

The Three Home AOs

In early October a Slack Bot asked PAX in the F3 Naperville workspace what do they consider their home AO? If a PAX member does not choose a home AO, their home AO will be based on the number of posts. 

Click on an AO below to see the F324 Q Line up:

Black Panther Representing the West Side AOs

Black Panther will represent itself along with Foxboro, Buzzsaw, La Luz and The Mammoth.

AO Captain: Turbo Tax

The Outpost Representing the Central AOs

The Outpost will represent it self with Two Wolves, The Globe, The Complex and The Citadel.

AO Captain: Spirit Fingers

Iron Lion Representing the East Side AOs

Iron Lion will round out East side AOs including Dark Tower, Levee, and Launchpad, Noonan’s Ridge, and itself.

AO Captain: Cable Guy

Note that all other AOs will be closed on November 4 and cannot be signed up on Q sign ups. 

Score Keeping...cause pride matters

Attendance will be tracked by Site Qs using the Slackblast App, like normal workouts and then points will  be calculated into AO standings.

Ways PAX Can Earn Points during the WAR OF F-8s

  • PAX will earn points by Posting at ANY A.O.

    Points will increase in value the more workouts a Pax attends.

    • 1st POST = 1 Point
    • 2nd Post = 2 Points
    • 3rd Post = 3 Points
    • 4th Post = 4 Points
    • 5th Post = 5 Points
    • 6th Post = 6 Points
    • 7th Post = 7 Points
    • 8th Post = 8 Points

  • Post at a VQ workout

    Posting at a VQ workout during F324 will give a PAX 4 bonus points.

  • Post at a "OG" Q workout

    Post at a F324 workout led by an original F3 Naperville PAX will give a PAX 3 bonus points.

  • Sabotage

    If a PAX attends a workout at an opposing AO, 7 points will be deducted from that AO’s final total. This can only be claimed once per PAX, per AO

Lets Spell it out - Point Examples

Maximum Effort

If a PAX does all 8 workouts at one AO, their point max would be 43 points if you attend Outpost and 47 points if you attend Iron Lion or Black Panther.

(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36) + 3 “OG” Q + 4 VQ = 43 points total Attending Outpost.

(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36) + 3 “OG” Q + 8 VQ = 47 points total Attending Iron Lion or Black Panther

“Our backs are now against the wall? Listen all y’all, it’s a Sabotage”

If a PAX posts 5 times, including a VQ and visits one opposing AO that comes out to 18 points & a 7 point deduction for the opposing AO.
1+2+3+4+5 = 15 + 3(VQ) = 18 points total and a 7 point deduction for opposing AO visited.

F324 Home AO Workout Schedule

West AOs

Black Panther at Prairie Point Park

4120 Plainfield Rd.

Oswego, IL 60543

4:00 AMEminem Boot Camp
5:00 AMTitle IX Boot Camp
6:00 AMBig Rig Run & Ruck Club
7:00 AMBob Ross - ''OG'' QBoot Camp
8:00 AMDial Tone - VQBoot Camp
9:00 AMWham-O - VQBoot Camp
10:00 AMTurboTax Boot Camp
11:00 AMBlinky 2.0 Family Workout

Central AOs

Outpost at Frontier Park

3380 Cedar Glade Dr.

Naperville, IL 60564

4:00 AMBean Counter Boot Camp
5:00 AMJorts - VQBoot Camp
6:00 AMFib - ''OG'' QBoot Camp
7:00 AMSvengoolie Boot Camp
8:00 AM


Boot Camp
9:00 AMEl Guapo Run & Ruck Club
10:00 AMHarry Carey Boot Camp
11:00 AMCrab Legs 2.0 Family Workout

East AOs

Iron Lion at Lisle Community Park

1925 Ohio St.

Lisle, IL 60532

4:00 AMMr Nice Guy Boot Camp
5:00 AMSpace Unicorn - VQBoot Camp
6:00 AMChop Sticks - VQBoot Camp
7:00 AMFace Plant Boot Camp
8:00 AMCable Guy Run & Ruck Club
9:00 AMAt At - ''OG'' QBoot Camp
10:00 AMBaby Hands Boot Camp
11:00 AMNacho Libre 2.0 Family Workout

3rd F Component

Letter Writing To Veterans

In honor of the upcoming Veteran’s Day, F3Naperville is sponsoring a Thank you letter writing campaign for our Veterans. During this upcoming week, we are seeking all PAX to write thank you letters for Veterans Day.  The site Q’s will be collecting the letters the morning of F324. Pax from other regions can give their letters to their regions’ 3rd F Q. The F3 Naperville Central 3rd F Q, Handy Manny, will coordinate getting the letters distributed to veterans in Chicagoland area and Illinois.  People can use a card, stationary or regular paper.  Whatever works.  Have 2.0s join in the fun. Take timeout to give thanks to those that have given so much. Thanks in advance.