Black Diamond Workouts

Designed for PAX seeking the next challenge and looking to accelerate further.

Black Diamonds are 60-minute boot camp and run club style workouts designed to push PAX mentally and physically to the next level. These are designed for PAX seeking the next challenge and looking to accelerate further. Black Diamonds should test all areas of fitness, including strength, power, explosiveness, speed, and endurance. They are intended to be a higher level of difficulty and push you in all areas of your fitness. Black Diamonds aren’t appropriate for most FNG’s, we have 50+ opportunities to introduce them to the Gloom throughout the week. PAX attending these should have a basic understanding of F3 terminology and exercise language to keep the group moving.

Black Diamond AO for F3 Naperville
Black Diamond workouts rotate throughout the region.

Black Diamond 3.0 will follow the below standards:

  • 2+ miles of movement
  • This is not a run club, although you may very well run. You can get to 2 miles without much if any running i.e., hill work, sandbag pulls, carriers etc. Boot camp workouts are expected to include a fair amount of cardio.
  • No down time, continuous movement. Q is not to wait for the 6, keep moving. You will not be left behind, but you will not be left how you came.
  • Preblast should be vague, do not give away the workout. This is a mental push as much as physical. PAX wishing to attend should be prepared for whatever the Q has planned. Expect Sprinting, running, heavy lifting, long carries, partner work, competition, etc. The unknown is part of the challenge.
  • Q Responsibilities:
    • Qs are expected to be extra prepared
    • Practiced and planned how they will communicate effectively during the workout to ensure continuity.
    • Qs should be sharing plan with Site Q ahead of time. This will allow the site q to manage the 6 while helping the group accelerate.
  • PAX should be regularly attending Black Diamond workouts before signing up to Q.
    • A 4:1 attendance to Q ratio should be the minimum. How can PAX expect to hold the standard if they don’t know the standard?
  • Site Q is expected to support Q throughout the workout. While we don’t wait for the 6 the Site Q will ensure the safety of the group and assist in overall coordination where needed allowing the Q to focus solely on pushing the PAX.

While this represents the standard and expectation of each Black Diamond rules are meant to be broken. If you wish to do something that doesn’t fit this but still aids in the overall mission of accelerating PAX’s mentally and physically, reach out to a Black Diamond Site Q. That being said, Black Diamond workouts should be very difficult. Black Diamonds are not exclusive, but they are also not meant to lower the standard for the sake of inclusivity. This is a different workout created for people who want to hit a different level.

Remember Black Diamond Bootcamps represent four of the 50+ weekly posting opportunities available to the greater F3 Naperville region. If you are a PAX looking to elevate your physical and mental game this year, see you on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


Black Diamond Workouts don’t have a set location. The Q of the workout decides the location and posts the location on the F3 Naperville Slack Workspace a day before the scheduled bootcamp.


Day Time Workout
5:00 AM
5:00 AM
Run Club
5:00 AM
5:00 AM
Lift Club