2023 Toy Drive in support of the Chicago City Life Center

Last year we brought 1,473 Gifts to Chicago Families! CAN WE BEAT THAT???

F3N 2023 Toy Drive Supporting and Chicago City Life Center
F3N 2023 Toy Drive Supporting and Chicago City Life Center

Once again, we are collecting NEW UNWRAPPED toys/gifts to donate to children (age 0-17 years old) within the Englewood community of Chicago. Englewood has truly come to DEPEND on us…our neighborhood sources 80% of their donations. We are also collecting WRAPPING SUPPLIES (paper, LOTS OF TAPE, boxes, bags/tissue paper) and CANDY for stocking stuffers. (Our goal is to give EVERY kid a bag of candy!)— that means we need about 1,500 bags of candy.

Last year we brought 1,473 gifts to Chicago! AMAZINGGGGGG! BUT…CAN WE BEAT THAT??? To explain a bit, these gifts go to the Englewood community on the south side of Chicago. It is called The Chicago City Life Center, ran by Charles and Kehinde (Kay) Moodie. Unfortunately, Englewood is “known for violence, drugs, and deep urban poverty; it is listed as one of the worst crime areas in the entire country.”

You can read more about the center at https://www.chicagocitylifecenter.org/.

The Recap

  • Who Are We Helping

    Chicago City Life Center located in the Englewood Neighborhood supporting needy families.

  • We are looking for the following donations.

    • NEW UNWRAPPED Toys/Gifts for children ages 0-17
    • Wrapping Supplies (Paper, Tape, Boxes, etc)
    • Candy for stocking stuffers

  • How to Help

    There are three ways to get the items to The Chicago City Life Center:

    1. Drop off at Wide Right’s House**.
    2. Direct Ship to Wide Right’s House** via Amazon or other online retailer.
    3. Bring with you to any AO on December 1st.
    **Att: Wide Right, 1115 Homer Ct, Naperville, IL**

  • Why Are We Helping?

    Unfortunately, Englewood is “known for violence, drugs, and deep urban poverty; it is listed as one of the worst crime areas in the entire country.” Each year, they hold a “Holiday Shop;” the holiday shop provides gifts (FOR FREE) for over 300 families. For MANY of these kids, this is the ONLY gift that they will receive for Christmas.

Please note: They are requesting NO toy guns; this includes NERF guns. In addition, the population there is 99% African American…please keep this in mind if purchasing a toy with skin tones. If you donate a toy that needs batteries, PLEASE provide the batteries. Simply tape them to the package. Don’t forget the teenagers. They will need gifts as well and especially love dark colored hoodies.


We will ‘track’ PAX donations between November 20 through December 1. The AO’s will be placed into the same teams as F324. (Redemption time for OP and BP?) The Team with the most items donated will be declared the winner and will be provided an on-site coffeeteria at a date to be determined. The losing AOs? Penalty burpees will be distributed during Warm-O-Rama at a date to be determined. Be on the lookout for a tracking sheet to come around towards the end of the competition!

Reminder of Teams

Black Panther Representing the West Side AOs

Black Panther will represent itself along with Foxboro, Buzzsaw, La Luz and The Mammoth.

The Outpost Representing the Central AOs

The Outpost will represent it self with Two Wolves, The Globe, The Complex and The Citadel.

Iron Lion Representing the East Side AOs

Iron Lion will round out East side AOs including Dark Tower, Levee, and Launchpad, Noonan’s Ridge, and itself.

Holiday Gift Ideas

The center has specifically asked for an emphasis this year on Teen Bath Sets. Below are preferred brands for boys and girls. 

Preferred Bath Sets

Home Spa Gift Basket for Men found on Walmart.com


  • Axe
  • Bath and Body Works
  • Dove
  • Adidas
  • Dial
  • Neiva

8-Piece Watermelon Bath Gift Set found on Walmart.com


  • Bath and Body Works
  • Dove
  • Neiva
  • Olay
  • Caress

Please No Old Spice


Other Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Crafts sets
  • Marvel/Super Heros
  • Balls (Football & Basketballs)
  • Hair Accessories
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse
  • Barbies
  • Baby Dolls
  • Hooded Sweatshirt (Black and Blue)
  • Pretend Play
  • Flat Irons
  • Make-Up
  • Over-the-Door Basketball hoops
  • Purses (back style)
  • 18-inch Dolls (i.e. Target’s Our Generation Brand)
  • Legos
  • Cars/Trucks
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Headphones/Earbuds
  • Portable chargers
  • Make-Up Mirros
  • Remote Control Car With Batteries
  • Scooters

Important Note

No Toy Guns. This includes NERF. 

If the toy requires batteries please tape them to the box.

This is a largely African-American population. Please keep that in mind if choosing a toy with skin tones.