ATR-14 C.S.A.U.P

ATR-14 stands for Around the Region with 14 AOs. We are challenging All F3 Pax to travel to all 14 Naperville AOs in the Month of February and March of 2024 in the shortest amount of time.

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ATR-14 2024 Details


ATR-14 is just not another CSAUP series; it’s a challenge of endurance and strategy. Earn a special award by completing the circuit in the shortest time without double tapping. 


All F3 Naperville Pax! OGs, Veterans, newcomers and everyone else. Get a group together or take a solo journey through this adventure across our entire region!


ATR-14 begins on  Thursday, February 1st, 2024 & ends on Sunday, March 31st, 2024.


Across all 14 AOs within the F3 Naperville region with some out-of-the-box bonus’.


Post at all 14 AOs over February and March.
Badassness Bonus: Add on a Black Diamond, post at a downrange AO and attend another region’s virtual workout in your own personal home gloom.


To push yourself, to bond with brothers across the region, and to be a part of something bigger. It’s about more than just exercise; it’s about building a stronger you and a stronger community. Meet new pax and put a face to that slack name. There is also exclusive SWAG!

Google Form Tracker

As you post each day go to this Google Form. We will then be able to track your progress. We will verify your posts with Site Q attendance. 

The deadline to enter your post data is April 1, 2024!

Punch Card

Need an easy way to keep track of what AOs you visited? download the punch card and print it out? Don’t have a printer reach out to Spirit Fingers on Slack he might have one for you when you cross paths. 

ATR-14 Punch card. Keep track of what AOs you visited.
ATR-14 Punch card. Keep track of what AOs you visited.

Strategy Suggestions

You can attack the ATR-14 in any way you want. Here are two suggested schedules to help you get done in the fastest way possible.

Completing ATR with Double Taps

1The LeveeMonday 5:15 AM
2Two WolvesTuesday 5:15 AM
3The OutpostTuesday 6:15 AM
4The ComplexWednesday 5:15 AM
5Dark Tower Wednesday 6:15 AM
6The MammothThursday 5:15 AM
7Noonan's RidgeFriday 5:15 AM
8FoxboroSaturday 5:15 AM
9Black PantherSaturday 7:00 AM
10The GlobeMonday 5:15 AM
11LaunchpadTuesday 5:15 AM
12La LuzWednesday 5:15 AM
13Iron LionThursday 5:15 AM
14CitadelFriday 5:15 am

Completing ATR without Double Taps on the Weekdays

1The LeveeMonday 5:15 AM
2LaunchpadTuesday 5:15 AM
3Dark TowerWednesday 5:15 AM
4CitadelThursday 5:15 AM
5Noonan's RidgeFriday 5:15 AM
6Two WolvesSaturday 5:15 AM
7The MammothSaturday 6:30 AM
8The GlobeMonday 5:15 AM
9La LuzTuesday 5:15 AM
10Iron LionWednesday
11The ComplexThursday 5:15 AM
12The OutpostFriday 5:15 am
13FoxboroSaturday 5:15 AM
14Black PantherSaturday 7:00 AM

ATR-14 Gear

Anyone who completes the ATR-14 will earn a special tattoo for their coupon and will be able to buy exclusive workout gear. 


YES! Sweatshirt hoodies (pull overs & zip-ups) and t-shirts from Front Line Gear and Outfitters are available to purchase starting February 1st.

One Eye Willy will be handling order requests and payments. Reach out to One Eye in SLACK.


  • Orders will not be processed until a pax has completed the ATR-14.
  • Orders are due to One Eye Willy in SLACK by April 15th!
  • Prices include taxes and shipping.
Earn your ATR-14 Gear. Brought to you by Front Line Gear & Outfitters.
Earn your ATR-14 Gear. Brought to you by Front Line Gear & Outfitters.

Gear Options


There are three levels of success in the ATR-14

Complete the ATR-14 challenge:

Get a 14 badge logos added to your coupon symbolizing your hard-earned success and dedication getting to all 14 AOs between February 1st and March 31st.

Badassness Level:

Complete the challenge in 14 consecutive days (besides Sundays) or less and Get a full custom painted coupon symbolizing your badassness.

Mega Badassness Level: 

To be a MEGA BADASS You must:

  • Complete the challenge in 14 consecutive days (besides Sundays) or less
  • Post at Black Diamond Workout once
  • Post at The Bear (F3 Kings Den) once
  • Post at Hook and Ladder (F3 Kings Den Region) once

When you achieve this level you will get a fully painted BIG BOY coupon plus something special. 

ATR-13 Coupon Tattoo for completing the ATR Challenge.
ATR-13 Coupon Tattoo for completing the ATR Challenge.

Get ready, set your goals, and let’s make history in F3 Naperville's ATR 2024!