F3 Naperville and Naperville Park District Join Forces to Preserve Frontier Park AKA The Outpost

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Breaking News: F3 Adopts OP
Breaking News: F3 Adopts OP

F3Naperville, a leading fitness community, has forged a partnership with the Naperville Park District (NPD) to adopt and maintain Frontier Park, affectionately known among F3 PAX members as “The Outpost.” This collaboration aims to enhance the park’s upkeep and support environmental preservation through regular clean-up activities and reporting of any park hazards or property defacement.

As part of the agreement, F3Naperville and the NPD will collaborate closely to develop and adhere to a comprehensive schedule of maintenance projects. These initiatives will include a minimum of four clean-up activities per year, which involve clearing trash from the park, mulching trees and flower beds, and overall park upkeep. Additionally, any identified park hazards or defacement of property will be promptly reported to the NPD staff through the designated point of contact, Handy Manny.

F3 Naperville urges its members, also known as PAX, to integrate park cleaning activities into their regular workouts, ideally a few times each month. This may involve incorporating simple routines such as running across the field while picking up any litter along the way. Handy Manny will coordinate larger-scale efforts with the NPD, including mulching, shrub removal, and more extensive projects.

Excitingly, F3Naperville has scheduled its next mulching event for Wednesday, June 14th, immediately following the  5:15 boot camp. This initiative represents an opportunity for F3Naperville to give back to the very place where it originated. Moreover, the community will actively assist in setting up and tearing down the Fourth of July fireworks event at Frontier Park, further demonstrating their commitment to fostering a vibrant and engaged local community.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Naperville Park District to adopt Frontier Park and contribute to its ongoing preservation,” said Handy Manny, 3rd F Q for the F3 Naperville Central Region. “Our members are excited to integrate park maintenance into their workouts and take pride in being stewards of this cherished community space. Together with the NPD, we will ensure that Frontier Park remains a beautiful and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.”

This collaboration between F3Naperville and the Naperville Park District highlights the significance of community-driven efforts in safeguarding public spaces. By working together, these organizations aim to set a remarkable example of community involvement and environmental stewardship.

For more information on F3Naperville and their initiatives, please visit f3Naperville.com. To learn more about the Naperville Park District and their ongoing projects, please visit https://www.napervilleparks.org/.