Announcing F3 Crossroads!

Today is a historic day for F3 Naperville.  Today is the day that our past leadership gets to see their vision come alive.  A vision of such rapid growth that F3 Naperville has now spawned a new region, F3 Crossroads, to forge forward for many years and communities to come.  Like with any great organization change is difficult, it is uncertain, and there are a lot of questions but at the end of the day, change is the only constant that can push us to be stronger.

A few short weeks ago a small contingent of men approached our Nant’an Roach Coach about opening an AO in downtown Plainfield.  After listening to the proposal and without hesitation Roach Coach replied, “Why are you thinking small, why are you thinking just an AO?”  This set forth a flurry of conversations that were both exciting and scary at the same time.  In our quest for guidance we approached many leaders including our former Nant’an FIB. In true FIB fashion he first said, “I am not going to tell you what to do. You are Freed to Lead.”  

We’ve learned as a region that the success of F3 Naperville was built on proximity between men and AO’s.  As Naperville continues to expand this begins to loosen and presents a unique opportunity to rise up to meet the needs of men.

After careful consideration the excitement and vision grew and in a few short weeks F3 Crossroads was born.  F3 is not about keeping what we have bottled up, F3 is about paying it forward.  F3 is about giving what each of us has found to as many people and  as many communities as we can possibly reach.  For many of us, F3 has changed our lives, has changed the men we are, and the men we want to become.  Our ambition should not be to hold on to that but give it to as many other men as possible.


We bleed F3 Naperville so the creation of this new region is not a splitting of men but something far greater.


F3 Crossroads cannot flourish and cannot achieve our ambitions without F3 Naperville forging the path ahead of us.  We are looking for the men of F3 Naperville to help guide us, support our growth into future communities, and bring some serious beat downs to our new AO’s.  As you have seen today The Colosseum is the first official AO opened under the new F3Crossroads. Additionally, we’re humbled to announce that The Ridge, home to many of the men that will take this new region to the next level, will join F3 Crossroads to provide a strong foundational AO.  Our new LT team is fiercely committed to having the same discipline, fire, and culture that we all grew up in with F3 Naperville, and focused on growing both regions as brothers in harmony to bring F3 to the entire state of IL.

We leave you with this: Our name is our mission.  Our name is a tribute to where we came from and where we are going.  We are honored to help lead this exciting time in F3. We will always remember this is not about us but about giving what we found in F3 to those men out there searching for what we have.

F3 Crossroads Mission Statement

Our mission is our name.  F3 Crossroads mission is to maintain the high standards of excellence instilled in us by F3 Naperville in all areas of Fitness/Fellowship/Faith with the ambition that our home base in Plainfield, IL will serve as the CROSSROADS to plant, grow, and serve local communities from Naperville to Central/Southern IL and beyond.


Humbly your Crossroads LT 1.0,

Dilly Dilly – Nant’an
Bedpan – Weasel Shaker
Vern – 1st F Q
Pi – 2nd F Q
Pawn Star – 3rd F Q
Tourniquet – Commz Q
Boston Butt – Growth Q
Woody – Shovel Q