We LOVE Burpees

Getting right down to it, the burpee is one of the most full, complete single motion exercises you can do. It works several core muscles and can get you winded pretty fast. Which is why it’s the go to for many posts and F3 Q’s who are looking to add in something a little extra special to the workout. As you can imagine, some enterprising PAX down in St. Louis kicked up an idea for the month of January. 100 burpees, every day. For 3100 in the month. And loop in other regions so we can hit a million.

This “idea” is what we affectionally refer to as “completely stupid and utterly pointless” – CSAUP.

But us F3 Naperville Men never back down from a challenge like that! And so here we are, 20 days into it. And we’ve got some real winners out there! Check it out!!