At the end of 2022, the Directors & Officers of the F3 Naperville Foundation (‘F3NF’) voted to disburse over $21,000 in donations. The Foundation’s ability to provide this financial assistance to these local 501(c)(3) organizations is due to the generosity of the F3 Naperville men, their families, and their employers, as well as the sponsors of the Foundation’s 2022 5K event, held on September 25th at St. James Farm in Warrenville, IL. The F3NF is committed to supporting local organizations that help support individuals in our community facing challenging times, provide services to help set these people on the right path, and offers tools and skills which help prepare them to accelerate their lives forward.

The selected organizations are: (more information can be found on each of these via the live links to their website below):

  • Reclaim 13 – an organization working to end the cycle of sexual exploitation, bringing healing to survivors of child sexual abuse and trafficking. Reclaim13 operates the only safe house in the State of Illinois that provides the specialized healing and therapeutic aftercare for trafficked children, ages 10-17
  • Gateway Foundation – an organization providing lifesaving treatment for substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health challenges throughout the Chicagoland area.
  • Resilient – Project Upstart – provides programming to assist youth rising out of adverse and challenging conditions in their lives. Upstart was created by Resilient and its partners to provide opportunities for young adults to achieve freedom from underemployment, freedom to The Mission of the F3 Naperville Foundation is to “support and empower local Naperville non-profit organizations and causes through funding and manpower to help them fulfill their missions.” choose a career path and to succeed leading toward the elimination of socially induced violence, homelessness, and despair.
  • Families Helping Families – provides apartments and volunteer mentors to homeless families in DuPage County while they are working to reclaim their lives through education. A donation of only $35 will pay one day’s rent and utilities for a family. FHF has NO administrative expenses, so every dollar we raise is a dollar that helps the homeless.
  • Lisle Township Food Pantry – supports residents in the Township that do not have access to enough food for themselves or their family. A total of 8% of DuPage County residents are considered food insecure, and 14.6% are children. No one should go hungry in our community.
  • NAMI DuPage – provide support, advocacy, and education in order to improve the quality of life of individuals with mental illnesses and their families.

Additionally, the Foundation supported F3 Nation’s 2022 Annual Giving Drive, Accelerate, fulfilling a 2:1 match competition with the men of F3 Naperville. The group quickly and unsurprisingly raised $1,500 in 24 short hours and the Foundation followed through on its commitment and added $3,000 on top. F3 Naperville is thankful for the investment F3 Nation made during in its region’s launch in 2017, and remains grateful for the opportunity to give back to this greater cause which supports other local regions’ charitable efforts, as well as growth initiatives around the world.

For more information, please visit f3naperville.com/foundation or feel free to reach out to them directly at [email protected].