F3 Naperville Foundation 5K and Kids 1/2 Mile Race Recap – September 24, 2023

The F3 Naperville Foundation 5K and Kids 1/2 Mile Race, held on Sunday, September 24, 2023, at the scenic St. James Farm in Warrenville, IL, was a remarkable success, bringing together 247 enthusiastic participants who came together for a day of fitness, fun, and community support.

Mother Nature smiled upon the event with sunny skies and a comfortable outside temperature of around 65 degrees, creating the ideal conditions for both runners and spectators. The pleasant weather undoubtedly contributed to the overall positive atmosphere of the event.

Fundraising Goal was Crushed!

One of the highlights of the F3 Naperville Foundation 5K was the incredible fundraising effort that surpassed all expectations. The Foundation aimed to raise $25,000, but thanks to the unwavering support of sponsors and participants, a total of $27,300 was raised. This achievement not only exceeded the initial goal but also demonstrated the F3 community’s dedication to supporting a great cause. News will be coming soon on how the funds will empower local Naperville non-profit organizations and causes to help them fulfill their missions.

Recent Foundation Impact News

Race Results

The heart of any successful race lies in its participants, and the 247 individuals who completed the 5K brought their A-game. Whether they were seasoned runners or first-timers, each participant contributed to the event’s vibrant energy.

Men’s Division Top Three Finishers

  1. “Road Runner” (F3 Pax member) – 18 minutes and 25 seconds
  2. “Snap Crackle Pop” (F3 Pax member) – 19 minutes and 21 seconds
  3. Ethan Clarkson (Non-F3 participant) – 19 minutes and 55 seconds

Women’s Division Top Three Finishers

  1. Elvia Miranda (Pax Member’s Aladdin and Road Trip’s mom) – 28 minutes and 13 seconds
  2. Debbie Zahorek (Wife of F3 Pax Member “Pork Rinds”) – 28 minutes and 26 seconds
  3.  Jacqueline (Bib 6263) – 33 minutes and 14 seconds

The top finishers showcased their exceptional speed and determination, inspiring everyone in attendance. Their impressive performances added an extra layer of excitement to the event, highlighting the diverse talents and commitment of the participants.

Kids 1/2 Mile and 1/4 Mile Races

The excitement didn’t end with the 5K. The event also featured a Kids 1/2 Mile Race and a Kids 1/4 Mile Race, providing young participants with their own chance to shine. These budding athletes displayed their enthusiasm and determination, mirroring the spirit of their adult counterparts and inspiring cheers from the crowd.

After the races, all the children in attendance were treated to Kona snow cones, adding a delightful touch to the celebration. Laughter and smiles filled the air as kids enjoyed their sweet, colorful treats, further enhancing the family-friendly atmosphere of the event.

A Perfect Race Day

The F3 Naperville Foundation 5K and Kids 1/2 Mile Race was not just about running; it was about community. Participants, volunteers, and spectators alike came together to celebrate health, wellness, and the spirit of giving back to the community.

The F3 Naperville Foundation can proudly look back on this event as a resounding success. Not only did it achieve its fundraising goal, but it also fostered a sense of togetherness and unity among participants. As the sun set on a perfect race day, it left a lasting impression on all who were lucky enough to be a part of it. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this event a triumphant experience, and here’s to many more successful F3 Naperville Foundation races in the future!

F3NF 5K Race Day Flags on at the start line.
F3NF 5K Race Day Flags on at the start line.