IronPAX Is Back for 2023

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First question what is The IronPAX Challenge (IPC)?

Here is a description from the F3 Greenwood Website.

“Knowing that men are competitive by nature, the IPC is intended to challenge all men of F3 Nation by requiring you to perform to a strict standard. Historically, the challenge takes place during the month of September and consists of four, weekly workouts.

At it’s core, the IPC is a “You vs You” competition, designed to push you beyond what you think you can do.”

What is F3 Naperville Plan for IPC?

  • For the west side, we will offer the IronPAX workout options at:
    • Black Panther on Wednesdays
    • Foxboro on Fridays
    • La Luz on Fridays.
  • In the Central region workout options will include:
    • Outpost on Wednesdays
    • Iron Lion on Wednesdays
    • Complex on Wednesdays
    • Make up opportunities on Fridays at Dark Tower. 

What about the other AOs in F3 Naperville?

All other AOs and days not mentioned will run their regular scheduled beatdowns, run, and ruck clubs. 

How do I know I’m the best?

Register at this link. Information about how to submit your score will be sent to you and posted on Slack. 

After I registered…What Happens? 

Get ready to kick a you vs. you challenge at one of the designated AOs in September. Don’t forget to HC in the 1st-f-preblasts-hc Channel in the F3 Naperville Slack Workspace. 

F3 Greenwood will be posting what the workouts will look like on their YouTube channel. Keep and eye on their feed for previews. 

If you have more questions reach out to our 1st F Qs Parks and Rec and C-Bus in Slack.