Updated Mission Statement for F3NF

The F3 Naperville Foundation Board thought it prudent to share with you this one-pager which we have been hard at work on for a few months’ time. We are hopeful this paints a bright and clear picture of what the Foundation actually is, and what it does, more than just being the “5K race“. We recognized that the Foundation often operated in the shadows, and yes hosted a big 5K every fall that raised a lot of money for charity, but that’s not truly our mission so we’ve pivoted and are placing a larger emphasis on the region of F3 Naperville and its growth, culture, and support of our local community. That said, we recognize you all have many fantastic charitable and humanitarian causes to donate your hard-earned $$ to and are appreciative for those that choose to send their dollars the Foundations’ way. Now we hope you have a little better understanding of where that money actually goes.