F3 Isn’t Just Fitness – It’s Living 3rd

Early into the COVID-19 crisis the HIM’s of F3 Naperville saw a need to help those homebound or unable to get basic needs, such as groceries or prescriptions. Launching from a core value of “Freed to Lead”, several PAX (FIB, Cousin Eddie, Smallcakes, Ronda Rousey) helped launch F3 Concierge Services.

This service is designed to help us live out our 3rdF – Faith. While not explicitly religious in it’s design, Faith helps point us towards living for something bigger than ourselves. And we can’t think of a more appropriate “Living 3rd” pursuit than supporting those in need in our communities.

We sat down with Ronda Rousey to get his story on his involvement. Take the quick minute to read on, and you’ll know firsthand what makes a PAX… a HIM (High Impact Man):


Can you share your driving motivation for being a part of Concierge Services?
I started volunteering at our local Food Pantry with my mom in Crystal Lake at a very young age. I remember not being able to understand how there could be
so many people that needed assistance where I lived. I came to realize that there is not a single face, but many faces that represent hunger, financial struggle and hardship. The Concierge Service provides me with an excellent opportunity to give back to our community with the help from our brothers. I feel very strongly about the service and the work we are doing.


What impact are you seeing to the groups we’re privileged to serve?
I’m most proud of the work we’ve accomplished with the West Suburban Community Pantry. They went from serving a total of 450 families via their Guest Services per week to almost double that number when Covid-19 hit.The funds donated by our generous HIMS during the Lincoln Games to the WSCP could not have come at a better time. The WSCP also showcases our Concierge Service on their website. That is how I met my friend Ida.

This probably is the most difficult story for me to tell. Ida is 89 yrs old and lives in an apartment complex in Bolingbrook. She found out about our service from Kristen (Director of Operations at the WSCP) and left me a voicemail. I returned Ida’s call and she asked me if I could help by bringing her food. I explained who I was, what we do and that I could absolutely help her. She just started sobbing.

Smallcakes and his 2.0 Deliver to Dupage Senior Citizens Council


What’s the impact personally to you to help lead this service?
I am always open and looking for ways to help and the Concierge Service provided me with an awesome opportunity to make an impact. The definition of Living Third when I first joined F3 hit me right between the eyes, crystallized how I’ve always tried to live and summarized perfectly the values I’m trying to instill in my family. I looked around at all the great things the men of F3 Naperville have done and were doing at the time. I remember telling Goldberg that I needed to find a role in F3 somehow. I’m still not sure how the Concierge Service found me, but I’m humbled to have the opportunity to lead. It could not be a better fit for me and I’m thankful. The experiences I had when I was younger were absolutely a driving force here as well.


If you or someone you know needs support or assistance with homebound services, please reach out to us. We’re happy to help and serve!