Results for the 2023 Odyssey Run-Ruck-Ride Relay Challenge

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F3 Naperville The Odyssey Run-Ruck-Ride Relay CSAUP 2023 Challenge

Here are the results of F3 Naperville’s 1st Annual Odyssey Run-Ruck-Ride CSAUP Challenge. It’s clear that this event required a tremendous amount of physical endurance and teamwork. Here’s a breakdown of some key statistics and information from the challenge:

  • Participants: There were 28  PAX who formed teams of 5 and 6 to take on this challenge. There were 5 Teams involved: 

    • All Night Bender
    • Ciclistas locos
    • Legion of Gloom
    • Odyssey 6-PAX
    • RV There Yet
  • Duration: Teams had the chance to take on the challenge from Mid August to Mid September. Each individual team had to complete the challenge within 24 hours once they started. Completed times ranged from 6:29:57 to 22:56:00.

Team NameStart TimeEnd TimeTotal DurationEst. Distance (Miles)Est. Speed (MPH)
Ciclistas locos6:13:00 AM12:42:57 PM6:29:5756.838.74
Legion of Gloom5:54:00 AM1:07:02 PM7:13:0255.827.73
RV There Yet6:33:00 AM2:51:35 PM8:18:3559.947.21
Odyssey 6-PAX8:13:00 AM7:46:03 PM11:33:0355.744.83
All Night Bender8:00:00 AM6:56:00 AM22:56:0055.242.41
PaxRideRuckRunGrand Total
Bean Counter14.622.917.52
Body Glide5.092.57.2514.84
Boston butt5.892.259.2917.43
DJ Sump Pump5.366.693.5115.56
Iced Tea4.959.414.35
Mista Mista5.769.915.66
Squeaky Clean5.769.915.66
Tom Bodett23.682.8626.54
Trailer park14.533.837.5825.94
Turbo Tax2.424.747.16
Grand Total33185.47131.59548.06
PAXRideRuckRunOverall Average
AC/DC12.70 MPH3.77 MPH5.18 MPH7.21 MPH
Bean Counter11.88 MPH0.00 MPH6.76 MPH10.60 MPH
Body Glide12.89 MPH4.28 MPH6.38 MPH7.48 MPH
Boston butt11.95 MPH3.68 MPH7.28 MPH7.55 MPH
Cataracts9.03 MPH3.00 MPH3.04 MPH5.02 MPH
Chaps11.90 MPH5.41 MPH0.00 MPH8.65 MPH
Columbus12.91 MPH0.00 MPH7.74 MPH11.62 MPH
DJ Sump Pump10.33 MPH3.81 MPH6.65 MPH6.15 MPH
Elway13.82 MPH3.67 MPH7.22 MPH9.64 MPH
Eminem13.25 MPH3.00 MPH5.81 MPH9.71 MPH
Fargo11.31 MPH3.67 MPH6.97 MPH7.23 MPH
Hacksaw15.60 MPH3.90 MPH0.00 MPH12.68 MPH
Iced Tea14.38 MPH0.00 MPH3.63 MPH7.21 MPH
Judge10.84 MPH0.00 MPH6.30 MPH9.93 MPH
KO10.84 MPH0.00 MPH6.30 MPH9.93 MPH
Mista Mista12.74 MPH3.21 MPH0.00 MPH7.97 MPH
Nala0.00 MPH3.98 MPH6.13 MPH5.41 MPH
Silo0.00 MPH4.94 MPH6.76 MPH5.40 MPH
SpiritFingers12.26 MPH0.00 MPH6.56 MPH10.84 MPH
Squeaky Clean12.74 MPH3.21 MPH0.00 MPH7.97 MPH
Stay-Puft12.89 MPH4.13 MPH6.25 MPH6.59 MPH
Subway10.85 MPH0.00 MPH4.75 MPH6.78 MPH
TINACTIN11.47 MPH4.01 MPH7.15 MPH7.44 MPH
Tom Bodett15.60 MPH3.90 MPH0.00 MPH12.68 MPH
Toto12.12 MPH3.99 MPH7.10 MPH8.83 MPH
Trailer park13.33 MPH3.77 MPH7.24 MPH8.98 MPH
Trickle11.95 MPH3.77 MPH0.00 MPH6.49 MPH
Turbo Tax0.00 MPH3.77 MPH4.31 MPH4.13 MPH
PAX AVERAGE12.50 MPH3.94 MPH6.04 MPH8.32 MPH
  • Course: The course was quite extensive, covering 13 out of 14 existing F3 Naperville locations. The Distance was about 56 miles for the 5 Teams. 

  • Total Distance Covered:

    • Rucking: Teams covered a total of 43.74 miles while rucking. 
      • Team All Night Bender Rucked The longest distance with 12.39 Miles. 
    • Biking: Participants covered an impressive 170.16 miles on their bikes.
      • Legion of Gloom holds the top riding distance at 28.96 Miles.  
    • Running: A total of 69.67 miles were run during the challenge, showcasing the speed and agility of the participants.
      • Team Odyssey 6-PAX  ran the most miles with 21.14 Miles. 
  • Winning Team: Team Ciclistas Locos completed the Odyssey Challenge in the fastest time of 6 hours, 29 minutes, and 57 seconds. It’s clear that this team had a remarkable performance. The winning team consisted of the following members:

    • Tom Bodett
    • Toto
    • Hacksaw
    • Body Glide
    • Stay-Puft

Congratulations to Team Ciclistas Locos and all other teams for their outstanding achievement in completing the challenge ! It’s evident that this event brought the F3 Naperville community together in a physically demanding and exciting way. Such challenges are not only a test of physical fitness but also a testament to the camaraderie and teamwork among the participants.

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