07/15/2022 - The Citadel - Citadel Run Club

AO: The Citadel

When: 07/15/2022


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cataracts


If I’m reading the Q sheet correctly, we are missing a Q at Citadel for RC tomorrow. I’ll step up. Been way overdue. We will run. Put your HC below.

If I am reading that incorrectly, sorry to step on someone’s toes.

HC anyways…


Recently received an email from Men’s Journal listing the “best warm up to do before a run”… Taking time to warm up before a run improves your joints’ range of motion, elevates your heart rate, and prepares the muscles for running, which helps prevent injuries. Suggested: 10 minute light jog, skipping drills, walking lunges, quick pogo jumps, leg swings (forward, back, side to side), and arm circles…

What we did: Side Straddle Hops in cadence to 10; Tappy Taps in cadence to 10; Tie Fighters 10 count, switch forward leg and direction of arm circles; Right over left stretch (10 count courtesy of Subway); left over right stretch (10 count courtesy of Ice Tea); we hit a curb then did left calf stretch (10 count courtesy of Flo), and finished with right calf stretch (10 count courtesy of Road Runner).

The Thang

Time to prep for the Bourbon Chase… A patient of mine has done nearly all the different RAGNAR runs, and said her favorite was the Bourbon Chase. But she said it was a KILLER…all hills, all the time…

Our route was to run to the path, make a left at the first split, then take the grassy hill. Once done, circle clockwise back on the path, over the smaller paved hill, then back to the grassy hill. The caveat was this was a SCOUT RUN…when the lead runner made it to the path after the first hill, and the base of the grassy hill, he circled back, swept up all the runners till they picked up the 6, then turned back to attack more hills. Rinse and Repeat, back at flags at 5:55, where the Workout Deck awaited our return for Mary.

As the Pax returned to the flag, each drew a club suited card from the F3 Workout deck. That was their workout for Mary: Cataracts-WWII Situps, Initec-Freddie Murcury (replacement for Luge), RoadRunner-Heels to Heaven, Ice Tea-Rosalita, Subway-Oblique Crunches, Handy Manny-LBCs, Puddles-American Hammers, Doolittle-Low Plank,  and Flo-Flutter Kicks(?). After several minutes, several Pax traded cards, and eventually “Recover Recover” was called. I may have gotten some of the workouts wrong. Best recollection after a long day…

Turns out no one knew the Luge workout: from flat on back, raise head, upper body, and feet off the ground. From there, bring knees and chest together, return to starting position, rinse and repeat. Ummm good thing we didn’t know this one. But WE KNOW NOW…

Circle of Trust

This morning I had several ideas for COT all spinning in my head. Last Saturday Initec’s CoT was about why we do F3…for our selves, for our family, for our community. All good reasons. It was a short, spot on CoT. This came to mind while I was reading a daily devotional called “My Utmost for His Highest”. Today’s message had to do with people coming to Christ when they finally give up on “religiousness” and finally obey God’s word. That brought to mind a book I read on my last mission trip to Honduras written by Brother Lawrence, a 17th century monk. His main focus was remembering that everything he did, anything he did, he wanted to do it to the best of his ability for the glory of God.

While these three topics seem disjointed at 10:30 pm, this morning they seemed to flow and weave a message of remembering to always do things, not for a good reason, but for the best reason. And while I might be recalling my CoT as being more fluid than this appears to be, I truly wish I can remember what I said.

Prayers of gratitude were lifted up for being able to overcome the call of the fartsack, which seems to get stronger each day. For a beautiful morning, and the ability to run with friends I now call brothers. Prayers of speed for Ice Tea’s passport arrival, and prayers of guidance through our days.

Naked Man Moleskin

Ice Tea improved with his count. He passed the test.

If you are going to the Bourbon Chase, start doing hills… Learn to love them. And no, I don’t love them…yet.

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