12/15/2021 - Dark Tower - Don’t Fartsack the Fartlek

AO: Dark Tower

When: 12/15/2021


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Big Gong, Crash, Dingo, Game Cock, Radio Flyer, Sarah Palin, Skilling, Snaggletooth, Snowden,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: Smooch

QIC: Putt Putt


🗣Pre-Blast Dark Tower 12/15/21 – 5:15

Don’t Fartsack the Fartlek

Join HYC for a sophomore Q run club at Dark Tower where we will work on SPEED. We’ll keep it (mostly) on the pavement. SYITG.
If anyone is on the fence to try out a BDRC, please go with those bad lads and push yourself.


High Knees down to the turnaround, Buttkickers back, mosey back to the circle.

15 Side Straddle Hops IC

11 Tappy Taps IC

10 Abe Vigodas IC

The Thang

Starting at the parking lot, we did a big loop around the River Walk.

50% effort to start for .2 miles

75% effort for 0.1 miles

95% effort for .05 miles

50% effort to start for .2 miles

75% effort for 0.1 miles

95% effort for .05 miles

Repeat until 5:55

Met at the bottom of the sled hill.  Split into two groups for wolf and rabbit.  6 PAX took 10 steps up the hill, the other 5 PAX tried to catch them on my GO.  Back to the bottom and switched roles.  Back to the bottom and all lined up to see who was the fastest of all.

Recover, recover.

Circle of Trust

For God did NOT give me a spirit of fear, but of POWER and LOVE and a SOUND MIND. 2 Timothy 1:7
I had struggled with anxiety and OCD for years. I didn’t want to go see a counselor, I refused to call them a psychologist because it freaked me out, and definitely didn’t want to take any medication. I finally checked my ego and went to see somebody in 2011 and started the journey to better mental health. That counselor was good and helped me, but it wasn’t until I moved out here and saw a different psychologist that immediately helped me.
Most of us have a ton going on our lives. Kids, marriages, separations, jobs, etc. and it leads to a lot of stress and anxiety. If you’re on the fence and think counseling might help, please go. I’d rather have a bruised ego and be the happiest and healthiest I’ve been in my life, than continue on the road of stress and anxiety.
Again, For God did NOT give me a spirit of fear, but of POWER and LOVE and a SOUND MIND. Aye?

Naked Man Moleskin

Crash: Way to come back from vacation with a vengeance, you led all PAX at the end of the run.  You also… allmosstt… beat me for king of the hill.

Snaggletooth: It’s always great to post with you, way to get after it today.

Smooch: See you at the next BDRC.

Radio and Dingo: Way to work today, you inspire all of us.

Snowden: You’re accelerating hard man, I’ve seen you hitting the EC and it’s showing big time.

Big GONG: The only one to vest up today, you’re a boss.

Sarah: You hate running, we all know it, and you still showed up and worked it today, proud of you man.

Gamecock: Love seeing you ITG, way to keep it up brother, can see your acceleration already.

Skills: Feel free to modify, especially if you’re looking to make the workout harder, brother!

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  1. Big GONG

    Nice work, Putt Putt! and congrats on your first run club Q (right?).

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