04/17/2023 - La Luz - Subway’s Serpierte Route

AO: La Luz

When: 04/17/2023


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Aladdin


  10:04 AM

La Luz Run Club Preblast 4/17/2023 0515 @channelJoin YHC for a Monday RC @ The City of Lights. Shoes for payment. Route will be posted later today. HC for accountability :point_down::skin-tone-4:
Core Principles
Mission & Purpose


Slow High Knees IC

Good Mornings IC


Feet together stretch, right over left and left over right


Let’s Roll!!

The Thang

Subway’s Route – Check Slack or Strava

Nice elevation with this one and AMAZING views.

Back to the flags by 0558

Final stretches

Recover Recover

Circle of Trust

We often say,”It’s more than a workout.” Unfortunately most quit before that comes into fruition. I’m glad I haven’t because that couldn’t be more true in my life, thanks to many of you however specifically Bob Ross. During one of our past CoT’s he found out my dad wasn’t doing so well and he took it upon himself to visit him downtown Aurora and check on HIM. My dad is about the toughest man on earth, at least to me he is yet lately he’s been soft af. I’ve never seen my pops like this and haven’t been able to properly “help” HIM. I told my dad the other day what a genius God is. He asked why as I praised HIM, I replied,”God knew I’d be of no help so he sent BR in my place.” He also marveled… Through this valley my pops is getting closer to God and we’ve had great conversations. The other day BR went with him to his doctors appointment. My dad called me after. The weight lifted was heard through his voice and BR was responsible for that. BR and I have a pretty tight relationship to those who might not realize. We speak often. He shares wisdom and perspective. I might be young yet I’m far from dumb. BR if you’re reading this brother, thank you! I’ve gotten on my knees and have asked God to pay you hundredfold because the Lord knows I can’t. I LOVE YOU BROTHER!

Naked Man Moleskin

Nuff Said…