04/08/2023 - Iron Lion - The Story of “Andrew” and the Golden Egg Circa 1986

AO: Iron Lion

When: 04/08/2023


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Blues Clues


It was a beautiful morning for an uphill run. We’re about to get high, so high.



Tappy Taps

Tie Fighters

Imperial Walkers

The Thang

We ran 1 Mile to the Four Lakes Ski Hill

PAX then had option to run hill repeats or run 1.5 mile loop. (Most hit and stayed at the hill the entire time)

Ran 1 Mile back to parking lot for about a 1 mile finisher near the flags too

Circle of Trust

I shared a story about how Andrew…a kid in my kindergarten class got the golden egg 37 years ago however I was the first to find it. While bummed I didn’t get it as a 5 year old, I’ve reflected on this over the years with obvious maturity…

My mom always says “let it be in God’s hands”. This is the faith. That day, the golden egg found Andrew.

There’s also the fact that when you do anything it’s more successful if you do it together. That’s the fellowship. That day, while I may have found the egg, Andrew grabbed it. Teamwork yeah?

And lastly, while “it” can be in God’s hands, I’m a firm believer we must do our part. The physical and mental piece. We can’t just wait for things to happen. We have to do our part to make them happen. That’s the fitness. 

There’s a lot of power that comes with the principals and believe systems woven into F3…a lot we can apply, and a lot we can learn even more over time.

Happy Easter all.


Naked Man Moleskin

I jacked up the serenity prayer at the end of the workout…afterward Face Plant told me to take a nap. It had been a heck of week. So I did. God Bless America. And God Bless Face Plant!