06/28/2020 - The Ridge - A little bit of everything

AO: The Ridge

When: 06/28/2020


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: 5-Putt, Bailout, Boiler Up, Dilly Dilly, Elway, Enron, Half Price, Onesie, Penalty Box, pi 3.14, Tourniquet, Vern, Z Pak,

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: Lewinsky


It was hot, humid and full of PAX who spent the previous night holding their beers tightly … just like I drew it up.

We had @Divot (version 2.0) and @Floppy Disc in attendance (names aren’t available on drop down above).

Disclaimer provided


Tappy taps IC 10
Hillbillies 15

The Thang

All one big Thang
Mosey to grass – 2 groups
Indian run to goal post (5 merkins then front of line)

40 yard dash – 4 ways
Run backward
Bear crawl
Lunge walk
(repeat reverse order)

Mosey to bridge
Bear crawl length of bridge

Mosey back to field

15 merkins together (twice) waiting on 6

Partner run to hill
#1 (5 merkins) then chase down #2 who is moseying, take turns until you get to hill

@hill – 15 merkins together (twice) waiting on 6

Ascending burpees
Start at base of hill do 1 burpee, run to top and do 2 burpees, other side 3 burpees, back to top 4 … etc. to 10
As a group, we did 10 additional burpees with the 6

Mosey to flags
15 merkins (together) waiting on 6

Colt 45s
Overhead press – 20
Wood choppers – 15 each side

Run to goal 200 yards and back

Ring of fire (5 merkins)

Big boys – 49 (cause I said we wouldn’t do 50)
LBCs – 25
Heel touches – 20
Flutter kicks -20

Circle of Trust

As we end the week, I want to remind you to be cautious as we enter Phase 4.  Let’s do all we can to not have a set back.  Lead by example.  Be smart.  Make good decisions.  But live.


Naked Man Moleskin

This group of 15 gave me all they had.  I did a bit of recon the night before with my daughter.  We walked the Ridge and I had a beatdown planned that I didn’t thing we’d get through, even on an hour long Saturday, so I made sure we had a few coupon exercises planned that would surely take us to the bell.
I was wrong.
After finishing with the coupons, we still had a few minutes left.  What to do with a few more minutes, well, run and do more merkins, that’s what.  These guys put me in a position where I had to improvise.  We kept going.  We did not rest for 60 minutes!  It was glorious!

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