06/16/2023 - Other - :blackops: Black Ops :blackops:

AO: Other

When: 06/16/2023


Number of Pax: 3

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Laimbeer


If Monday is International Chest day then it only makes sense that Friday would be International Leg Day.

Meet up at the turf field and bring a sandbag (60 :arrow_up: preferred, 40 accepted) and jump rope. Please sound off in the thread if you are bringing these items.

Push yourself to your lifting limits and LFG!


Squats 100

Jump Squats 20

OYO stretch

The Thang

Thang 1-Reverse Dora

Pace PAX: 200 sandbag squats/300 sandbag deadlifts/400 jump squats

Alt PAX: 10 Deadlifts/20-20 push,pull sleds/10 sandbag step ups/50 jump ropes


Mary (a whole 2 minutes)-

Stretch to work out lactic acid

Circle of Trust

This is a new start for a upcoming BDLC (Black Diamond Lift Club).  Not meant to replace BDBC and BDRC, but meant to compliment and create a well rounded PAX.  Held on Friday’s as to fit into the BD schedule.

This workout will have max lifting and minimum running (still possible to log .5-1.5 miles in these workouts just from moving from place to place at good pace.

The idea is form and building strength over speed and finishing first. The emphasis will be on working through your limits from a lifting standpoint and moving past them.

At failure? scrub weight.  Muscles getting shaky? Take a short break, walk away, adjust weights, re-attack the f’n weight!

The PAX in attendance this morning led from the front and pushed each other hard for 60 minutes.

Naked Man Moleskin

This was one heck of a workout.  It was BD to the bone!  The 4 PAX in attendance pushed each other hard, talked plenty of trash and at the same time encouraged each other to get at it.

Thang 1 took the entire hour!

YHC’s sat at a desk writing reports all day and mid-afternoon his legs locked up from the monster of a workout.

I’d like to thank Blinky for pitching this idea to SLT and then reaching out to WIAB, Bronco and YHC to work on building the workout module.

This is going to be a fun workout that will significantly help PAX accelerate like never before.  However, it does not replace BDBC and BDRC.  Those are just as important for PAX to attend to become a more well-rounded PAX.  This addition to the BD lineup simply adds another option for PAX acceleration and rounds out an already stellar BD lineup.

See you out here soon!

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