08/03/2022 - La Luz - :bulb: PREBLAST LA LUZ BC :bulb:

AO: La Luz

When: 08/03/2022


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Laimbeer


Come for free workout. Bring a coupon. Shoes are a good idea, too.



Good mornings IC 20

Arm circles IC 20

Hammy’s Q count 20

calves Q count 20

The Thang

2 mile pearls on a string coupon mosey around the river. With station stops for alternating chest and back exercises OYO 50.  If you finished you brought in the  with SSH.  Ran together as a group.

No MoM.  At the flags at 600.

Circle of Trust

Your heart is free.  Have the courage to follow it.

Anyone that comes to my Q’s is going to get a good workout. Promise.  They will also see that since I started F3, my CoT’s link together.  This CoT links off of Tuesday’s ‘don’t wait to be trained, sign up and get the training in’.

Everywhere you look in life is gym memberships, pay for this service and that membership.  But setting goals for yourself and going after it is free.  Your own personal ambition doesn’t cost anything.  But you need to have the courage to follow it.

Go get it.

We continued prayers for Hot Box and his family.  La Bamba’s friend who took his own life 3 weeks ago.  We will never know the demons someone is struggling with inside.

We also prayed for the families of mass shootings from HP, to Texas, to here in Aurora 3.5 years ago.  Just because it is no longer a headline does not mean those people aren’t still struggling with the aftermath.

Naked Man Moleskin

La Bamba is on day 3.  We are stronger with you my brother.

Wedding Planner and Redfin are in great shape.  The 3 of us were neck and neck for pacing the coupon run the entire time.  Be careful or you two are going to start getting recruited to BDs and BDRCs.

Tonka complained half the workout about how we ran two miles with coupons and how hard the workout was.  Thanks for the compliment, buddy.

There was a lot of fartsacks today at La Luz.  Very uncharacteristic for this AO.  You’d think Unicycle had pulled your HC’s or something.

Laimbeer out.

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