03/23/2023 - Iron Lion - Camps early birthday Q

AO: Iron Lion

When: 03/23/2023


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Mellencamp


This somewhat younger PAX is getting older on 3/29 along with his two siblings, but I’ll be out of town so I thought I would get the birthday Q started now.  Join me at the lion for a party!  I’ll modify under the pavilion if it rains.


Coffeeteria on Camp at Starbucks to follow!



SSH to 15 in cadence

Abe Vigodas to 10 in cadence

Michael Phelps to 10 in cadence

Imperial Walkers to 10 in cadence

Short Mosey to the cones!

The Thang

We did several rounds of 3 exercises to 22 reps in honor is 3/22 of course!

Round 1:

Shoulder Press to 22 on my up

Rows to 22 on my up

Curls to 22 on my up

50 jump ropes together

Mosey to cones and back


Round 2:

Lying press to 22 on my up

Lat pull overs to 22 on my up

Skull Crushers to 22 on my up

50 jump ropes together

Mosey to cones and back


Round 3:

Big boys to 22 on my up

Freddie Mercuries to 22 in cadence

LBC’s to 22 in cadence

50 jump ropes

Mosey to cones and back


Round 4:

Air squats to 22 on my down

Plank to 22 on my count

Goblet squats to 22 on my down


Round 5:

merkins to 22 on my down

dirkins to 22 on my down

irkins to 22 on my down

50 jump ropes all together

Mosey to cones and back


Round 6:

Rocky Balboas on the curb to 22 in cadence

Calf raises to 22 on my up

Calf stretches on my count to 22 on both legs



American Hammers in cadence to 22

Leg Raises to 22 on my up

Heel taps to 22 in cadence

Leg stretching OYO to both legs

Recover, Recover

Circle of Trust

Say what is on your mind!!

I wish more would do this.  It would save us all so much time.  But, some are naturally not going to speak up.  I shared a client story of mine applicable to the work place.  I have these clients I met way back in 2010, great people.  I’ve kept in touch over the past decade as I had promised always.  Never really heard back much which was weird.  I just assumed they were crazy busy all the time and it just wasn’t on their list of priorities.  Come to find out back then, they thought I was a little pushy in my process….I had NO IDEA.  I took the high road with a cordial email in reply, respecting how they felt.  But, we don’t have the chance to re-do the past 10 years and everything they had missed out on.  All because they never shared what was on their mind.  Now, the relationship is much better and they thanked me for understanding them.  It felt good to clear the air.

Thanks for coming out everyone!

Naked Man Moleskin

Well, for the first time there was a moment where I felt…”if you can’t do it, don’t Q it” as they all say.  Round 5 I made the mistake of grouping 33 merks in a row pretty quickly and just got gassed and had to stop.  Cousin Eddie gave me a hard time, which he had the right to haha.

I also found out that Baywatch did a Q at IL just yesterday very similar to what I did today.  I had no idea since I never read his backblast and clearly wasn’t there.  Pretty funny.  Sorry guys.


Good to see you back with us Bootlegger!!!!!!!

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