03/16/2023 - Iron Lion - Catch A Leprechaun ~ the Sequel

AO: Iron Lion

When: 03/16/2023


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Ebeneezer


Catch a Leprechaun

Now leprechauns are rumored to be mischievous, so you’ll need to be even more so if you’re gonna catch one! Leprechauns are quick, so there will be some running (unless you can rig a trap and outsmart him). If we catch him, we’ll all get some gold …


Been a bit since last Q, so F3 principles delivered in choppy fashion, and on to WarmUps: Pooh Bears, SSHs, and Circle Lunges while YHC described the “rules” for Catch a Leprechaun: the Leprechaun must stay on paths, but other PAX free to chase however they can! PAX that catches Leprechaun chooses exercises (Leprechaun does 5 less reps than other PAX, to get a head start) and becomes next Leprechaun…and repeat.

The Thang

Catch a Leprechaun – somewhere between 1.5 to 2.3 mi running (depending of individual PAX) and exercises included:

Overhead Press (20), Burpees (10), Squats (20), Big Boys (20), Diamond Merkins (20), Merkins (20), Big Boys (20), HRMs (15), Squats (20), Mountain Climbers (15), American Hammers (20), Merkins (20)

Mary – Ebeenezey Squeezys (seated knee tucks followed by alternate hand-foot knee tucks in 4-count cadence) and Heel Taps

Stretch – one round of Head-to-Toe stretches

Circle of Trust

Do Your Best, and Leave the Rest

Basically means with many competing concerns for one’s time (wife, kids extended family, work, exercise) there are limited amounts of time for each. Priorities have to be set, but try to do as much as you can ~ but hit it all good enough and don’t stress one isn’t “perfect”

Prayers for Big Wheel’s sister-in-law husband and our F3 brother Hot Box and his family. Gave appreciation for opportunity for grown-a$$ men to be able to chase each other around a park at 0515!

Naked Man Moleskin

5 made it for an EC run – solid turnout for what was announced to already basically be an RC (Cousin Eddie, Daisy, Rainman, Ryobi and YHC) . Ryobi even finished EC with some sprints against Daisy.

Urban Cowboy wins fastest Leprechaun capture in history in under 3 seconds (thankfully, as Sulley is a hard capture on the run). Rainman and ChainLink are also tough HIMs to rundown, and Rainman threw out a Barry Sanders-style juke at one point. ChainLink also wins most creative/mischievous Leprechaun for managing to hide out while 1/2 of group ran clear across the field anticipating a cut-off that never happened. Bettlejuice wins the Brainy Leprechaun award for making PAX to American Hammers in 4-count cadence giving him ample time to run away. All stuck close and seemed to enjoy what was basically a sprinting RC!

We also learned St. Patrick was really Italian – ciao! Enjoy St. Paddy’s Day tomorrow.


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