06/12/2023 - Black Panther - Classic BP Ruck

AO: Black Panther

When: 06/12/2023


Number of Pax: 23

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names:

QIC: T-Dub (Training Wheels)


:bp: Pre-Blast Black Panther Ruck Club
0515Come out for a classic BP ruck club, we’ll be on the move with some PT sprinkled in. Bring a sandbag if you want a little extra spice.

HC :point_down:


Tappy Taps – 10

Tye Fighters – 10

SSH – 20

The Thang

Ruck at a moderate pace with PT every 5 mins or so. PT included Merkins, Squats and Mountain Climbers.

Circle of Trust

I reflected on Dad’s Camp from the weekend before. Told everyone how awesome it was and encouraged them to attend next year.

Naked Man Moleskin

I wanted to provide an approachable workout with plenty of chance for mumble chatter for my Dad and FNG Baluster. It was exactly that, we had an awesome turnout.

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