01/13/2022 - Two Wolves - Variety Pack at Dos Lobos

AO: Two Wolves

When: 01/13/2022


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Nala


:wolf: :cat:  Preblast – Thursday, January 13 5:15am TWO WOLVES :cat: :wolf:
OK @channel, grab your coupon and come on down to Two Wolves for a full body beatdown with plenty of moving around. Be prepared to do some on and off pavement running.Tomorrow morning looks to be downright balmy, so no excuses. HC here or HC somewhere else, just HC and :lfg:!


Arrived at Two Wolves about 15 minutes early, did a quick mental rehearsal of what we would be doing and other pax started to arrive.

TPS Report and Stay Puft wrapped up a bit of EC – Stay Puft reported the trails were pretty clear, but to watch out for a few icy patches if we moved around too much.

Twilight was getting loose with his routine, and other pax started to gather around.

Bean Counter said 5:15, so YHC reminded pax of our core principles – we are a free workout, open to all men, held outdoors rain or shine, peer led in a rotating fashion and ending in a circle of trust. The disclaimer was also shared – you are here of your own free will – I don’t know of your injuries, if I suggest something that will hurt you, modify it as you need.


40 Side Straddle Hops (IC), increasing in speed every 10 reps. Didn’t quite go as fast as possible, but a bit of mumblechatter still came from TPS and Powderpuff, so YHC was pleased.

10 Good Mornings (IC)

Capri Lap around the lot – mix in a bit of side shuffling, high knees and butt kickers in the lap

Quad Stretch 10 seconds each leg

Motivators from 5

10 Tappy Taps (IC)

Warm up the shoulders – 10 Arm Circles forward (IC), 10 Backward (IC) 10 Abe Vigotas with an emphasis on keeping the arms out (IC), 10 Seal Claps (IC), 10 Overhead Claps (IC), 10 Grady Corn (IC). Recover.

Shoulder Stretch each shoulder 10 seconds

Move to an open section of the lot for Thang 1

The Thang

Thang 1:

15 Bear Crawl Merkins (IC). Bear Crawl merkins are found in the exicon, ultimately, you do 3 bear crawl steps, then a merkin to make the exercise in cadence. You will end up with staggered hands alternating for the merkins.

After the 15th Bear Crawl Merkins, we did a few more merkins on YHC’s command – ultimately, doing 15, with a pause every 5 to hold plank for a few seconds and make sure PAX were paying attention.

Head to the path and line up…

Thank you Bean Counter for moving us back to our coupons to get them out of the lot in case a car came.

Head back to the path and line up again.

Thang 2:

Bataan Death March around the AO (ended up being about .5 mile). Pax kept a gentleman’s pace to keep the line tight, and only 1 Burpee was completed in this version of the death march. The march took us past the baseball fields, and back over to the base of the sledding hill for…

Thang 3:

15 Lunge Walk Squats (IC) – so this is something YHC did not find in the exicon, however, it’s the same as bear crawl merkins. We went up the hill doing this – the ground was a bit frozen, but moving slowly and up hill it wasn’t too bad.

Rebel Run (gentleman’s pace in case the path was icy) down the path and back to the coupons.

Grab the coupons and head for the pavilion.

Thang 4:


Do 10 of an exercise, run, 10 of another exercise, run 20 of the first exercise, run, 20 of the second exercise, run, 30 of the first, run, 30 of the second, run, hold plank for the 6 to finish.

Exercise sets were:

Chest Press/Bent Over Rows

Run in between was simply the shortest route around the pavilion.


50 Big Boys on YHC’s command

20 Swimmers (IC)

Circle of Trust

CoT echoed what many others are saying this time of year – get goals set, get them written down. YHC has a philosophy of setting high goals, which may not be achieved, but in striving for the goals, YHC gets better.

Think of how F3 can help you achieve your goals in all three aspects – 1st F is obvious, but do we have a shield lock or people we can share a conversation with, are we thinking of how we can be better leaders or men in the community. You will get more out of F3 the more you put into it.

That said – look at the Q sheet to put something back into F3

Prayers were said, with a special mention to Handy Manny’s family and to Stay Puft’s Father In Law (I think)


Naked Man Moleskin

Did not receive much in the AAR about what could be better, but YHC is always looking to improve. If Lunge Walk Squats are done again, YHC will be sure to give the command to step with alternating feet following the squat.

We ended up running almost 2 miles – One Eyed Willy mentioned he is not a runner, but he’s getting to be one by showing up to boot camps…

The mumble chatter was appreciated – never thought about how Hagrid in Harry Potter shouldn’t be, and alien sex is always a fun subject. Thank you Stay Puft and TPS Report!

Powderpuff, always good to see you ITG. Glad you were able to make it out – I’ll get those SSHs going a bit faster in the warm up next time…


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