02/20/2021 - The Outpost - 08/20/2021 – The Outpost – “@Stripes is good.”

AO: The Outpost

When: 02/20/2021


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: Baby Hands, Blues Clues, Bootlegger, Bozo, Chazz, Goldberg, HH Gregg, Rainman, Riunite, Rusty, Snorkle, Townie,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Buttermaker


TwinPeaks, Stripes and Nacho Libre were also in attendance.





Saturday, February 20, 2021

7:00 AM-8:00 AM


My first time at the legendary OUTPOST!  

Don’t sweat it, the Site Q is @Rain Man, he’ll keep it together.

This may be the final single digit temp workout of the year!

Let’s light it up with some Woodchoppers and other Jobbers.

Big announcement during COT.

Bring Coupons and HC below.


Toward the end of the workout, Stripes took a nasty spill and split his head.  Rain Man, Townie, HHGregg and Snorkle tended to Stripes.  Snorkel took Stripes to the hospital.  Later in the day, Snorkle sent out the following message:  “@Stripes is good.  He and his son joined me and the youth group for a 5 mile hike this afternoon.”  We were all glad to hear it.  Hang in there Stripes!

Bozo, Snorkle and Blues Clues came into the workout at a full sprint having stayed after EOP to join us for the entire workout.  All three HIMs were covered in frost and were steaming like they just stepped out of an old time Chicago Bears home playoff highlight reel.

My ham-handed and failed attempt to start the tunes threatened to ruin everyone’s morning.  Thankfully, Rain Man was Site Q, as always, Rain Man was as cool a cucumber and he calmly stepped in and got the music up and running so the fun could begin…




Principles / Disclaimer / Count-O-Rama


  • Ultimate Stretch / Windmills / Chest / Squat and Leg Kick / Trunk Twists / Abe Vigodas / Hand Walkouts with Calf Stretch
  • Lap around the parking lot.

The Thang

The Thang


Count off:  Teams of 4 for Relay Races.  Cones 94’ x 50’.

  • First relay race:  Bear Crawl
  • Followed by 4 minutes of Merkins (special Merkin routine)
  • Second relay race:  Sprint
  • Followed by 4 minutes of Squats
  • Third relay race:  Carioca
  • Followed by 4 minutes of Penny Pinchers
  • Fourth relay race:  Backpedal
  • Followed by 4 minutes of RDL
  • Fifth relay race:  Bear Crawl
  • Followed by 4 minutes of Carolina Dry Docks
  • Sixth relay race:  Sprint
  • Followed by 4 minutes of Lunges
  • Seventh relay race:  Carioca
  • Followed by 4 minutes of Woodchoppers
  • Eighth relay race:  Backpedal

Followed by 4 minutes of Mary

Circle of Trust

Circle of Trust


Morning Prayer (The Chautauqua Prayer)

Oh, God, 

enlighten my mind with truth. 

Inflame my heart with love; 

Inspire my will with courage; 

Enrich my life with service; 

Pardon what I have been. 

Sanctify what I am. 

Order what I shall be. 

And Thine shall be the glory and Mine the eternal salvation. 

Through Jesus Christ, my Lord, Amen.


The prayer is brilliantly constructed in such a way that one simply needs to follow each step in order to reach a fulfilling life.  Like most great things in life, “simple” does not mean easy.

Naked Man Moleskin



I am generally not able to keep up with most of the HIMs who show up to these AOs.  To try to hide this fact, I included relay races throughout the Q solely so I could rest while I was not actively participating in the race.  This plan was foolproof!  Suddenly, as the first relay race began, Nacho Libre called out from across the parking lot for all to hear, “Hey Buttermaker!  What should the rest of us do while we wait our turn?”  My own brother-in-law!!!  We’ve been through thick and thin together and you choose this moment to betray me???  My foolproof plan to catch my breath every few minutes was foiled!  Through squinting eyes and gritted teeth, I muttered, “Side Straddle Hops…”  


During the first Bear Crawl relay race, Baby Hands’ Bear Crawl was the greatest impersonation of Secretariat ever done by a human being.  Baby Hands is now the favorite to win the Kentucky Derby at 3-2 odds.  For the following Bear Crawl race, I asked him to Bear Crawl backwards.  Not surprisingly, he’s faster going backwards than most going forward.

Throughout the workout, whenever I needed a break (which was often… thanks to Nacho), I would take time to point out a fun fact about whichever song was playing at the time so I could buy myself some time to catch my breath or regain my composure.  I was so slick in my delivery that not one of the HIMs in attendance caught on to my ruse. 

Stripes is doing well.  When he went down, it was clear that he had suffered a head injury.  Head injuries are always unnerving for everyone involved.  Rain Man showed his true colors when Stripes went down with his head injury during the backpedal race. In his typical calm demeanor, Rain Man kept everyone from crowding Stripes and he allowed Stripes to relax and talk through his injury.  Townie and HHGregg were there helping out too.  Snorkel really stepped up as well, he took Stripes to the hospital and he kept us all up to date regarding Stripe’s well being throughout the day.  True HIMs, all of you, through and through.

After Qing a workout, I am in awe of other HIMs who’ve Qed workouts I’ve attended who are able to keep track of each of the Pax throughout the workout and recall in detail how each HIM performed at that particular workout.  It took all I had to keep up with the HIMs Saturday and my keeping track of all HIMs in attendance was lacking.  I will work to improve in this capacity.

I appreciate everyone who showed up Saturday.  I hope everyone was pushed a little during the workout, I hope everyone had a few laughs, and I look forward to seeing you all ITG again soon… 

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