09/13/2021 - Iron Lion - Billy Madison – 3 things

AO: Iron Lion

When: 09/13/2021


Number of Pax: 22

Pax Names: Baby Hands, Bear Spray, Cage Free, Callahan, Catfish Hunter, Chain Link, Chazz, Giggles, Glass Joe, Goldberg, Hootie, House Arrest, Kobayashi, Mr. Burns, Nacho Libre, Nosejob, Porch Pirate, Riunite, Speaker City, Sputnik, Sulley,

DR Names: Red Panda

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: Goldberg


preblast iron lion 9/13/2021 5:15 AM
Some things planned for tomorrow:
1: involves some ice cubes and a nine iron.
2: involves a buffalo, live or stuffed, preferably stuffed for safety sake
3: we bring back some of those ice cubes and switch it over to a pitching wedge.And we’ll have some good music. Bring your coupons for a rifle-hold circle and your best hill shoes.


Motivators from 10

Swinging Arm crosses x10

Good Mornings X6

The Thang

Moseyed with our coupons to the entry to the high school parking lot.

Circled Up.

Everyone held their coupon in Rifle Carry, and we went around the circle doing 1 blockee (1 at a time).  Once PAX failed out on Rifle Carry they had to go run the designated loop.  Once you were passed on the run, you had to enter bear crawl and could resume running when passed again.

Circle continued until we had a winner (sort of).

Left coupons on the side and ran with a purpose to the North of the hill.

We partnered up and each team found their starting cone.  We ran the hill in teams.

1st person would run to the top and do either 20 merkins or 10 burpees.  Person at the bottom was doing monkey humpers.  Then they would switch and the 2nd person would do either merkins/burpees (whatever the first didn’t).

We did this in 4 sets.  2 times running up the hill.  2 times backwards.  2 times were monkeys humpers, and 2 were planks.  2 times were merkins/burpees, 2 times were tuck-jumps/plank jacks.

Back to the flags.  did some big boys and seated leg raises with a clap under the leg.  IC!!




Circle of Trust

I told the story of being young and dumb and moving away from my future wife.  The point I was trying to make, was that no mistakes are final, and some of our biggest losses can produce some of the best gains.

I learned how much she meant to me and knew that with my second chance, I’d never risk making the same mistakes i.e. taking her for granted.

Prayed for all the athletes (young and pro) to be safe and healthy, and safe from injury.

Naked Man Moleskin

Lot going on.

I was surprised how many people didn’t understand my Billy Madison reference in the preblast.  Too many kids I guess.

The music we listened to was the album All Day from Girl Talk.  Awesome collection of songs made from other samples.

The rifle carry was nuts.  I dropped out (maybe 10th?) and had time to complete a mile before it finished.  It only finished because the 3 remaining contestants (Riunite, Hootie, Nacho Libre) decided to split the win and call it a draw.  I’m not kidding, they held that for like 8-12 minutes.

Cadence on the swings is a work in progress.  This is the second Q that I’d tried to incorporate staggered starts dependent on previous race’s finish.  It really doesn’t work.  Too much chaos in the dark.  Time to abandon that dream.

Q’s always say they don’t care about # of HC’s and it’s true, but when you get 22 and they are all such quality guys, it’s a real morale boost.

The Lion continues it dominance.  I really think it’s unique in the high character of PAX, their desire to work hard, but having fun the whole time.  Wouldn’t call any other AO my home.

Glass Joe didn’t lose it, but I wish he had.  Keep chasing, I guess.

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