11/30/2021 - Iron Lion - Die Hard is a Christmas Movie…Again…Ho, Ho…Ho…

AO: Iron Lion

When: 11/30/2021


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: Baby Hands, Barbara, Callahan, Chain Link, Chazz, Dorn, Hootie, House Arrest, Patchouli, Shoeless, Speaker City, Sputnik, Sulley, Upper Decker,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: Blues Clues


Always good to see who’s ECing…Baby Hands, Patchouli and Dorn were out in the dark for a 4:45am run. I pulled into the parking lot, Baby Hands informed me he did not have a Santa Claus Hat for the workout. While disappointed, I knew he would redeem himself later…


SSH x10

Tie Fighters (Forward/Backward)

SSH x10 (First 5 in cadence out loud, next 5 in silence)

10 Penalty Burpees…we were close to perfect on the silent SSH’s…

Mosey with coupon to basketball courts, drop coupon…

The Thang


Thang #1 “Christmas Party Sugar Cookies”

  • Mosey to baseball field on east side, line up on “West Coast” which is the third base line.
  • 10  Swimmers in cadence
  • Run 1/2 way across diamond
  • 10 Hand Release Merkins
  • Run back
  • Repeat with 10 Swimmers in cadence and 20 Hand Release Merkins at 1/2 way point
  • Terrorist have entered the party…10 Burpees OYO…mosey back to the basketball courts

Thang #2 “Shoot the Glass”

  • PAX line up on sideline at basketball court next to coupon
  • Sprint to far side line and back
  • Do 10 Curls
  • Rinse and Repeat for 2 minutes, 30 seconds which about the length of the “Shoot the Glass” machine gun scene in Die Hard…
  • 10 more Burpees OYO

Thang #3 “CPR”

  • Curl + Press OH + Reverse Curl OH = 1 Rep
  • 20 Reps
  • 10 more Burpees OYO

Thang #4 Vent Crawls & Elevator Falls

  • Army Crawl across grass (vent) to skate park path and enter skate park
  • Split into 3 groups
  • Group 1 – Elevator Falls – Climb up half pipe, slide down
  • Group 2 – Dips on rail
  • Group 3 – Elevator Falls 2 – Clim up half pipe, 1 squat jump, slide down
    • Rinse and Repeat for about 60-90 seconds each group, rotate to next on Q’s call…

Thang #5 “White Knight Negotiation”

  • Run to circle spot at bottom of hill, about .25 mile
  • Negotiate for Burpees…how many do you guys want to do?
  • Sorry but do not negotiate with terrorists…25 burpees OYO

Thang #6 Nakatomi Plaza

  • The Christmas Party in Die Hard was held on the 30th floor so…
  • At top of the hill, do 30 Nakatomi Knerkins (Merkin on Knuckles) then run down to base of hill all the way to the path and back up to top of the hill

Thang #7 Hans Grubers

  • Pair up
  • Who can do the mosts burpees in 60 seconds…you or the guy across from you?
  • Winner wins, loser rolls down the hill and dies hard…

Mosey back to flags for Mary to 6:00am…recover, recover…

Circle of Trust

Happiness is a work ethic. Just like anything else the more you work at it the better you get. Die Hard is a Christmas movie. It makes me happy. It’s also a hard movie hence the title. Doing things hard makes me happy too. It’s how we get better. Find a way to do the hard thing and more happiness with come your way. With F3 that’s hard Fitness by showing up and going hard out here ITG, it’s hard Fellowship by donating your time at coffee or just reaching/hanging out with other PAX, etc, and lastly it’s going hard with your Faith, talking and working with your SkyQ more and more and more, donating, giving back to charity, being kind, etc…

I’ll leave you with this…Die Hard is a great movie series especially when you look at it like this, they made multiple for a reason, but I might change the title to “Live Hard” as this is what we do when we’re at our best with F3. Live Hard like we do and that makes living easy.

Thanks for coming out today gentlemen.


Naked Man Moleskin

Who’s the happiest person you know? Jolly ole St. Nick…Santa Claus right. Why? Because he gives gifts. Baby Hands redeemed with a gift of the McClane gear at 5:15am…you know the look. Til next time and next year…Live Hard.

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