02/22/2021 - The Citadel - Ice Rink Improvisation

AO: The Citadel

When: 02/22/2021


Number of Pax: 18

Pax Names: Ball Boy, Clearcoat, Handy Manny, One Bar, Puddles, Rudy, Rusty, S'mores, Sweet Gherkins, Thomas Tank Engine, Thumb Drive, Tiny Bubbles, Toadstool, Tonka, Trailer Park, Vitamix,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: ET, Rocketman

QIC: Handy Manny


🔥🛠🔥PREBLAST- THE CITADEL – 2/22/21 5:15🔥🛠🔥

@channel Believe it or not, it is the last Monday in February for you to post.  Start your week off strong and join YHC as we look to heat up THE CITADEL.  We will  be on pavement as we snake our way through this beatdown.  Bring your determination and grit.  Leave the coupons at home for this one.  We will  enhance our cardio, strength and endurance.  Come get faster, get stronger, get better.  Come Get Some!  HC below.

I was pretty excited to see that this Monday slot had opened up and once Flo through it out there letting PAX know it was open, I grabbed the Q.  Heck, the weather called for a balmy 30 degrees – that is 30 degrees warmer than it was when I last posted on Saturday morning.  I was excited to put together a workout that would get the PAX out running while still getting in a good full body beatdown.  My agenda was set.  However, that was short-lived.  As I woke up and went out to start my car, the entire driveway was one sheet of ice, and I remember saying out loud, “This is not good.”  I headed over to The Citadel and onto the church parking lot, where I drove around the entire lot, only to find the lot one sheet of ice.  Way too dangerous to risk any sort of injury on my fellow PAX.  So with literally 3 minutes before go time I quickly thought of doing 11’s as our first exercise with the movement between exercises being bear crawls and crab walks, with the thought that if someone did slip, the distance to the ground would be minimal.  Also, if PAX needed to, they could always modify as needed.  So, once I at least had the first Thang drawn up in my head, I headed back to The Citadel parking lot, greeted the PAX and got the show moving.

Welcome and Disclaimer provided

Onto WoR


Warm-up (IC)

  1. SSH (30)
  2. Tappy Taps (20)
  3. Seal Claps (15)
  4. Abe Vigodas (15)
  5. Imperial Walkers (20)
  6. Arm Circles (10/10)

The Thang

All of my original Thangs got tossed due to the ice rink of a parking lot we had that morning. Original plan had quite a bit of running involved, starting off with Indian Runs, which under these conditions was not save, so the workout was thrown together on the fly, with the goal of limiting any movement across the ice in an upright position.

Thang 1 – 11’s Merkins/BBSUs with Bear Crawl/Crab Walks

Start at one parking aisle line, perform 1 Merkin, Bear Crawl to next aisle parking line, perform 10 BBSUs, and Crab Walk back.

Thang 2 – Jack Webbs

Circle Up.  Merkins:OH Claps – 10:40 

Thang 3 – Up and Down the Line

PAX lined up along the curb in single file, with the first PAX performing the exercise, followed by the next PAX, all the way down the line and then back up to the beginning, while the PAX that were waiting were performing another exercise.


  1. Curbside Dips (5), while other PAX held the high Dip position
  2. Deep Squats (5), while other PAX did pulsating squats

Mosey back to the flags for Mary

Mary (IC)

  1. Outlaws (10/10)
  2. LBCs (20)
  3. Sweat Angels (15)
  4. Flutter Kicks (20)

Circle of Trust

CoR:  18 – No FNGs


  1. Ruck Wars on Friday
  2. Q Source Sign Up
  3. Q Sign Up
  4. See Info Only on Slack for more


Prayer Requests:

  1. Tiny Bubbles
  2. Stripes
  3. TTE’s family

Closing Message and Prayer

Thanks for the opportunity to lead you this morning and for all those that came out to support me and each other.

Main Message focused on: Choice – Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but rather learning to dance in the rain.

You either get bitter or you get better.  It is that simple.  You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person or you allow it to tear you down.  The choice does not belong to fate, it belongs to you.  Everyday we are faced with challenges and hardships.  Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but rather learning to dance in the rain.

AAR was performed

Naked Man Moleskin

The icy conditions definitely created some challenges for today’s workout, but we improvised and still got in a sound workout.  I could see it in the PAX’s eyes during WoR, the and anticipation of what we were going to do.  As we headed over to the church parking lot, the mumble chatter was alive with introduction of the ice rink.  After Thang 1 was explained, and the PAX started to get after it, there was some minor slipping and sliding on bear crawls and crab walks and some were modifying to lunges, but we all got through the movements.  For the next few Thangs I lined up stationary exercises and focused on bodyweight to provide the burn.  I kept the PAX safe, which was my #1 goal and I appreciate all for coming out.

Handy Manny

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