01/02/2021 - Black Panther - Ring-O-Fire BackBlast 1-2

AO: Black Panther

When: 01/02/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Crambone, Elway, Fargo, Half Price, Handy Manny, Judge Smails, Lewinsky, Milton, Pork Rinds, Toadstool, Urkel,

DR Names: Crop Circle, Beaker

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Ukrel


THE SCENE: 27 STUPID degrees and with the wind chill, felt like 14! Stupid Winter. New year, new HIM.  Decided to bring back an oldy, but a goody with the Ring-o-Fire Workout.  Since the growth of F3 Naperville, many of the BP PAX never had the pleasure of this beatdown and boy was it well received.  No one backed down for this challenge and in the end, we were all winners or losers, depending on who you ask!



-Welcome to F3

-I am not a professional

-You are participating at your own risk

-You are responsible for your own well-being

-You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here

-Know your limits and do the best you can, all exercises can be modified and are only suggestions.


WARM-O-RAMA: (warm up)

* -Good Mornings (ICx10)

* -Tappy Taps (ICx20)

* -Hill Billies (ICx20)

* -Imperial Walkers (ICx20)

* -SSH (ICx25)

The Thang

THE THANG 1: Ring-O-Fire

HIM entered the ring to battle it out in a classic ring match. PAX paired up to do sets of exercises until failure.  The first group who dropped out started to run the perimeter of the ring and began to call out exercises for all the other PAX who also bowed out until there was only one group left standing.  The last group was the winner for that round.

ROUND 1: Boonie Blairs- Winners of round 1 went to Half Price, Pork Rinds, and Milton

ROUND 2: Burpees (Thank you St. Louis!)- Winners of round 2 went to Half Price, Pork Rinds, and Milton, but YHC and Elway reached 100 Burpees first, so technically we won!

ROUND 3: BigBoi Get-ups- Winners of round 3 went to EVERYONE! Nobody wanted to lose this one apparently and I want to do something other than BigBoi Get-ups today!

ROUND 4: Patty Cake Merkins- Winners of round 4 went to Toady and Beaker

ROUND 5: Jump Squats- Winners of round 5 went to Half Price, Pork Rinds, and Milton! Again??! Beasts!


THE THANG 2: Coupon Curl-of- Fire, Merkin Ring-of-Fire & Coupon Curl Static Hold

Can’t have a ring of fire without the ring of fire, am I right?

Circle of Trust


LBCs (IC 15x)

Side LBCs (IC 15x) each side



13 Very Strong HIM- Pork Rinds, Milton, Half-Price (RESPECT), Enron (oh wait, he backed out and let Half Price down), Crop Circle (DR), Lewinsky, Crambone, Fargo, Judge Smails, Elway (RESPECT), Handy Manny (BEAST), Toady (RESPECT), Beaker (DR), Urkel (QIC)


  • Today, we prayed for Backstage battling Covid, Chop Shops search for a job, and for everyone fighting the pandemic.


Naked Man Moleskin

MOLESKIN: Shield Lock 


Recognizing strength in numbers, we combine into Communities for our mutual protection from aggression. When threatened, we lock our individual shields together into a defensive wall to repel the invader. While both threat and defensive means have evolved throughout history, this elemental fact of who we are has never changed. The HIM locks his shield with other HIMs to protect the people behind the wall.


A healthy Community will have multiple Shield Locks, groups of 3 to 5 men who form the horizontal relationships that protect and enrich us all. The HIM recognizes his Shield Lock as an essential relationship within his Concentrica and one of his most important Teams. He takes great care in nourishing it as he knows he can neither hunt nor defend alone.

By locking shields with other men, the HIM hedges his brother’s peak against his own valley, and vice-versa. He knows that his valleys will tempt him to the Flux, and that he will need the strength of his brother’s peak to maintain Acceleration. Likewise, he knows that it will be his peak that provides his brother the bulwark he will need when a valley draws him toward the Flux. This, not companionship, is the ultimate Purpose of the Shield Lock.

Gentlemen, built your Shield Lock. I have had the honor of a strong Shield Lock I found in the men of F3 Naperville.

We are strong, We grow, We build, We succeed! Here’s to the men of F3 Naperville!


Did I do that?!

Yes, yes I did!


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