05/04/2021 - Iron Lion - A Certain Point of View

AO: Iron Lion

When: 05/04/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Baywatch, Bear Spray, Cousin Eddie, Cowbell, Ebeneezer, Happy Meal, Mr. Belding, Porch Pirate, Rainman, Speaker City, Sputnik, Sulley,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cousin Eddie


May the Fourth is upon us.  That’s right the Hallmark holiday version of Star Wars Day is tomorrow.  Whether you want to be a Jedi or a Sith, a smuggler or a saint, come out to the Iron Lion for 45 minutes of work in a galaxy far, far away.  I promise Weird Al, John Williams and some other weird stuff in between.  No coupons needed and HC in the thread.

The Scene:  Was nervous about this one.  I’ve never done a Star Wars themed workout and I wasn’t sure I had planned enough.  Rolled in at 5:03 to set up the cones in the field.  Saw a few PAX already.  Made it to the flags with 5 minutes to spare.  Looked over the weinke one last time.

Welcome & Disclaimer

F3 is:


Open to ALL men, 

Peer led in a rotating fashion

Held outdoors rain or shine, heat or cold.  

Ends in a Circle of Trust

I am not a professional.  You are here of your own free will.  I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is your responsibility to be safe and modify exercises as needed.  Maintain 15 feet between you and the next guy at all times.  In cadence (IC) is the rhythm in between each rep or the body movement between each rep.


Imperial Walkers (4 count) IC x 20

Tie Fighters (4 count) IC x 20 each way

Let the Wookie Win arm stretches

Line up – Rebel Run to back of High School – PAX in back runs to the front and so on

The Thang

THANG 1 Jedi Training

Jedi balance against the wall – hands on ground, feet on wall, hold yourself up

Use the Force – hold right hand out for 30 seconds, recover, hold left hand out for 30 seconds

Let go of your hate – shoulder taps (4 count) IC x 20

Line up again

Imperial March to pylons on side of road – last guy does 5 burpees, catches up to last guy, taps on shoulder for him to do 5 burpees and continues to the front of the line.

Trench Run – Pax will weave in between like they are flying a starfighter, X-Wing hops at the end to wait for the 6, do the same going back and then make your way to the football field.

THANG 2 Death Star

Death Star – set up 10 cones in the shape of a star.  One at the center.  Start at the center with 5 burpees.  Run to a point in the star and do 30 merkins.  Run back to the center and do 5 burpees and so on until you complete the circuit.  Next round is 20 squats.  Final round is 10 plank jacks.


Jedi Master Set (aka Bruce Lee) – 1. Hammer, 2. Leg raises, 3. LBC’s, 4. Heel Touches, 5. Crunchy Frog, 6. 100’s. (4 count) IC x 20 reps

Circle of Trust


Lincoln Games draft TONIGHT! 8:30PM

Base Camp opens tomorrow


Prayed silently for all those in our hearts and minds.

Naked Man Moleskin

I’ve struggled with religion most of my life. I still struggle with it today but the 3rd F, Faith, is a belief in something bigger than yourself. I realized in my 20’s that I always had faith, not always religion. Star Wars helped me realize that. One of my favorite scenes from the original trilogy is from Return of the Jedi:

Obi-Wan: (exposition of the fall of Anakin) So, what I told you was true… from a certain point of view.

Luke Skywalker : A certain point of view?

Obi-Wan : Luke, you’re going to find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.

Point of view is a dangerous game.  It can be used to fuel misinformation and distrust and it can also help one see many sides of a situation.  From Obi Wan’s point of view, his friend was dead for he was enveloped by the dark side and transformed into a whole different person.  From Luke’s point of view, Obi Wan was a big fat liar.  They are both right and they are both wrong.

When you breakdown your beliefs, are you basing it on truth or a certain point of view?

In Star Wars this is evident when you look at the different points of view regarding the Force.  Here is the Jedi Code:

There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force.

And this is the Sith Code:

Peace is a lie. There is only Passion.

Through Passion I gain Strength.

Through Strength I gain Power.

Through Power I gain Victory.

Through Victory my chains are Broken.

The Force shall free me.

In the end, the Force is the same but with different points of view.

Everyone take a moment and place your intention to the higher power you believe in. Your focus determines your reality. (that’s a quote from Qui Gon Jinn)


Cousin Eddie

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