03/27/2020 - Virtuosity - Inaugural Virtual LIVE (yes LIVE) Workout

AO: Virtuosity

When: 03/27/2020


Number of Pax: 16

Pax Names: Bean Counter, Blueprints, Bob Ross, Cousin Eddie, Dilly Dilly, Nacho Libre, Poutine, Rainman, Rusty, SoccerMom, Townie, TPS Report, Twinning, Woodwind,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: Fredo

QIC: Shandy


F3 is not easy. Shelter in place is not easy. This is not easy. Nothing is easy. You might be physically in your house, but there is zero reason to hide there. Today was our inaugural virtual LIVE workout. And we danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.


Pre workout (before 0515) –measure out about 200 yards (or some length like the end of the block)

Warm Up

Arm Circles

Abe Vigoda

Finkle Swings

Motivators from 6

The Thang

Thang #1

Dora Ladder – Partner 1 runs 100 yards out and back. Partner 2 does the exercise below while waiting until reps are met.

  • 100 x Body Builders (burpee with a plank jack)
  • 200 x Merkins
  • 300 x Curls
  • 400 x Hillbillies
  • 500 x Squats
  • 400 x Hillbillies
  • 300 x Curls
  • 200 x Merkins
  • 100 x Body Builders (burpee with a plank jack)

Thang #2



15 x crunchy frogs

15 x windshield wipers

Circle of Trust

Gentlemen –

You’ve heard it before. “This is an unprecedented time.” You’ve probably heard it so much that the gravity of it is totally lost. Today we did our first virtual LIVE Q. Not unprecedented for F3 Naperville (Appleton Peloton Qs) nor F3 Nation.

But uncomfortable, you bet.

But gentlemen, F3 is built on the unconformable. It is built on embracing the suck. This sucks no doubt. But whether it is cold weather, hot weather, snow, ice, COVID-19, you all have been training to deal with the uncomfortable. You all have embraced the suck before and have gotten through it. There is a huge emphasis on the physical, but never short change the mental battle you have been training for.

The days ahead are probably going to still suck. The fear of the unknown is real. But as I said in my preblast; F3 is not easy. This is not easy. Nothing is easy. You might be physically in your house, but there is zero reason to hide there. Get out there (on webcam) with your brothers! SYITG

Today we prayed for Rusty’s father, for all those battling mental health issues, and for all those prayers that are unspoken. Keep us safe throughout the day and help us to come together again sooner rather than later.


Naked Man Moleskin

Here is my own AAR on attending and Qing the LIVE Virtual Qs:

  • Sign in with your F3 name if possible
  • Laptop is better than phone if possible
  • Everyone on mute for WOR and 6MOM
  • Everyone can be off mute for the Thangs, but be mindful of the noise you produce that isn’t Mumble Chatter
  • Everyone should get comfortable with going on and off mute
  • Avoid running with your phone
  • A well-lit garage is the best place to be on camera, design workouts that have the well lit area as “the stage”
  • Rep count hand offs work well with 6-8 or less. Probably max 10. Much tougher with numbers like 16.
  • It is still probably a good idea to post the workout before the workout so that guys can get familiar with it (although I am torn on this one, but it will help the flow – at least at first)
  • Music seems work, but music and talking is tough

Please feel free to share more in the comments or on Slack.

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