01/01/2021 - The Launch Pad - 4 legged co-Q at Launch Pad

AO: The Launch Pad

When: 01/01/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Aladdin, Augustus Gloop, Bjorn, Bongo, Cousin Eddie, Cupcake, Curds, Drago, Mia Hamm, Moonlight, Seadoo, Tailspin,

DR Names: NA

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: NA

QIC: Bjorn


I have only posted at LP a few times and I figured new years would be a good time for an AOVQ. I did a lil recon to try to figure out what to do and felt like the icy snow was limiting my options and I didn’t want to stay in the parking lot the whole time.  Since we have had kids Wallace has not gotten nearly as much attention, and he loves being around people. So I brought him and my daughter on reconnaissance and after being stumped on what to do I was getting frustrated.  A few minutes later my Wallace took a poop and I got an idea.  He would be my CO-Q. He would really enjoy it and he would be the center of attention :).



25 SSH in cadence

Good mornings IC to 10

Arm circles IC 10 forward, 10 backwards

The Thang

Thang 1: Mosey to the playground past the hill on the east side of the park.  I let Wallace take the lead as Q here.  Every time he sniffed something PAX did smurf jacks until he was finished.  Every time he pissed PAX owed 15 merkins, for every poop we owed 20 burpees.

Thang 2: DORA, Wallace is old so he took a break and rested in the snow while we did a DORA. PAX got in groups of 3.  One partner ran up the hill with the option to sled down, the next PAX did SSH or burpees while waiting.  The 3rd PAX did the following exercises.  When the PAX got down from the hill they rotated. Exercises were as follows:


100 Merkins

200 Rows

300 Deep Squats

When PAX finished we did different exercises while waiting for the 6.  Then I gave the lead back to Wallace and we moseyed back to the flags.  Same rules applied as above.

Circle of Trust

Wallace is 12 and his age is starting to catch up with him.  He recently developed a little hitch in his step and occasionally limps on our walks.  I like to walk him 2x a day and my wife has started to get upset with me because of his knee.  I originally tried to abide by this but after a few days I thought to myself: this guy really doesn’t have much to look forward to. Aside from being happy when around us, he really only gets excited about eating and going for walks. So I told my wife this and said I’d rather crush his knee than his soul, if he doesn’t get his walks I feel like his health will deteriorate even faster and he will be unhappy.  I’m gonna continue to walk him until he doesn’t want to anymore.  My wife agreed. After this talk I thought about this in my own life.  As a tennis coach I work a lot of weekends and it pulls me away from my family and the things that I love.  It is great to have the extra money but does it make me happy? Will I regret this later in life? When my wife is at work I am with the kids and when she is home over the summer I am working.  Just as I need to make sure Wallace is happy I need to make sure that my family is happy too.  I feel that we are, but for a resolution this year I plan to sacrifice extra work as opposed to sacrificing extra family time.

I can’t remember what else I said or if this is spot on from what I said but on that note, time to put the computer away and hang out with the crew.  Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Naked Man Moleskin

Wallace did a lot of sniffing, peeing and took a dump.  Because of this PAX did a lot of smurf jacks, merkins and burpees.  I hope I didn’t inadvertently cause Pax to dislike him :). He is really a good dog! Thanks to all the pax that came out on a day where most probably wanted to sleep in.

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