10/09/2021 - Two Wolves - 4 Year Anniversary Convergence

AO: Two Wolves

When: 10/09/2021


Number of Pax: 104

Pax Names: Baby Hands,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Humble Pie, McNabb

QIC: Bean Counter, MiaHamm, Thumb Drive, Judge Smails


F3 Naperville 4 year Anniversary Convergence Celebration! You’ve seen the posts…you’ve read the trash talk. Now it’s time to shut up and show out! Individual Competitions at 6am. Circle up at 6:25am. Warm up at 6:30am SHARP! DONT BE LATE. On behalf of the planning team and all the station leaders, we can’t wait to kick your asses tomorrow. Flags will be planted on the east side of the lot. Let’s. Go.

Many of the station leaders, pregame leaders, and team captains arrived around 5am or so to set up. The scene was perfect. Temperatures were great. This is going to be a great day!

Pregame Festivities

Monkey Bar Dash – CK                                                   Sled Push – Snoop-a-loop

Three Point Shooting Contest –DJ Sump Pump     Football Toss – Wine-in-a-Box

06:25 Circle Up


06:30 Warm-o-Rama

  • 5 Core Principals / Disclaimer – MiaHamm
  • Arm Circles (Forward/Back) and Seal Claps – Thumb Drive
  • Goof Balls IC x 10 – 1Bar
  • Finkle Swings IC x 10 – Daisy
  • Motivators from 5 – Judge Smails
  • Explanation of Event and dividing of Teams – Bean Counter

06:35-06:38 – Mosey to starting stations and get instructions by station leaders

  • MiaHamm Team goes to Station 1 – Big Field – CVS on Q
  • Bean Counter Team goes to Station 2 – Perimeter Run – Judge Smails on Q
  • Thumb Drive Team goes to Station 3 – Ninja Course – CK on Q
  • 1Bar Team goes to Station 4 – Rucking Stairs – Bartles and Jaymes on Q
  • Daisy Team goes to Station 5 – Sand Court – Ozark on Q

The Thang

06:38-06:46 – Each Team completes their station 1.

06:46-06:49 – Mosey to the next stations (1 to 2, 2 to 3, … 5 to 1) and get instructions.

06:49-06:57 – Each Team completes their station 2.

06:57-07:00 – Mosey to the next stations (1 to 2, 2 to 3, … 5 to 1) and get instructions.

07:00-07:08 – Each Team completes their station 3.

07:08-07:11 – Mosey to the next stations (1 to 2, 2 to 3, … 5 to 1) and get instructions.

07:11-07:19 – Each Team completes their station 4.

07:19-07:22 – Mosey to the next stations (1 to 2, 2 to 3, … 5 to 1) and get instructions.

07:22-07:30 – Each Team completes their station 5.

07:30-07:33 – Mosey back to starting Big Field – Calculate scores for top two Teams

07:33-07:40 – Final Competition – Top two teams – Thumb Drive on Q

07:40-07:45 – Circle up / Mary (CUT FOR TIME)

  • Exercise 1 – Webelos
  • Exercise 2 – Snoop
  • Exercise 3 – Road Trip
  • Exercise 4 – Laimbeer

Station 1 – Big Field – CVS on Q

Old McDonald had a daughter named DORA!

Partner Up

Partner 1Partner 2
Burpees20 yard out, around cone and back Farmer Carry
Bonnie Blairs40 yard out, around cone and back Farmer Carry
LBC’s60 yard out, around cone and back Farmer Carry
Spider-Man Merkins80 yard out, around cone and back Farmer Carry


Station 2 – Perimeter Run – Judge Smails on Q

Rugby Renegade Run

Divide into Two Lines

Two lines will run around the soccer fields

A football will start at the front of one line and be passed between the two lines (zig zag) as it makes it’s way to the rear.

Once at the rear, the last PAX will run to the front and begin passing the football back. Rinse and repeat.

Anytime the football hits the ground, the entire team must stop and perform 5 burpees.

Possibly add 1 or 2 more footballs after lap 1?

Station 3 – Ninja Course – CK on Q

  1. Side to Side Jumps (modify with Walking Lunges)
  2. Monkey Bars (modify with 5 Hand Release Merkins)
  3. Over the Net
  4. Duck Walk to Ground Net
  5. Ground Net
  6. Under and Over Bars
  7. Wall Sit Walk against two walls
  8. Floating Tables (Modify with 5 Hand Release Merkins)
  9. Cliffhanger (Modify with 5 Hand Release Merkins)
  10. 20 yard bear crawl / 20 yard crab walk

Rinse and Repeat

Station 4 – Rucking Stairs – Bartles and Jaymes on Q

Assuming 25 rucks are available, arrange rucks in a 5 x 5 grid, evenly spaced and dressed.

00:00:00 – Wait for next group to arrive at station. Assuming this takes about 60 seconds from previous station (Ninja course)

00:01:00 – Start – Have PAX stand behind a ruck maintaining the formation

00:01:15 – Quickly introduce rucking for those who may not be familiar

00:01:30 – Quickly discuss that at Ruck Events (GrowRuck/GoRuck) this time of formation is used for basic accountability. To begin or end an evolution you will fall back into this type of formation so that all PAX are quickly and easily counted.

00:01:45 – Basic Ruck PT Demo – Ruck Squat, Overhead Press, Ruck Swing, Ruck Thruster

00:02:15 – Command to Ruck Up

00:02:30 – Split Group into pairs (count off 1 & 2’s or other method) & have respective numbers line up on either side of the path leading to the stairs. The HIM’s directly across from each other are now partners.

00:03:00  – 1’s will Ruck up the stairs and around the path clockwise following the main path back to the stairs. 2’s will perform 10x each PT exercises (Ruck Squat, OHP, Swings, Thrusters). Repeato until partner returns. Then Switch. 2’s Ruck, 1’s PT.

00:10:00 – Call Recover and return to the formation & ground rucks (dressed)

00:11:00 – EndEx – Team leaves for next Station.

Station 5 – Kettlebell Hell – Ozark on Q

PAX will make a kettlebell selection (various weight available) and make their way to one end of the volleyball court.

Lifts explained – 1. Clean and Press (PAX Can modify to Thruster if necessary). 2. Kettlebell Swings

PAX will perform lift #1 for 3:30. Anytime a ‘rest’ is needed and the KB hits the ground, PAX will murder bunny across the sand volleyball court and back, then continue accumulating their reps.

At the 3:30 mark, PAX will do a mandatory ‘down and back’ murder bunny down the volleyball court.

PAX will then perform lift #2 for 3:30. Again, any time the KB touches the ground for ‘rest’, a penalty murder bunny trip down and back the court will be mandated before starting with the reps again.

Final Showdown – Thumb Drive on Q

Teams will race to the poles scattered throughout the tennis courts. Each pole will contain an exercise and a written message. Team must retrieve messages and combine into the final clue that will tell them what they need to do to finish the task. First one in, wins!

Team Thumb Drive with the Win!

Circle of Trust

We didn’t get a count on Saturday, but we now know it was 104 including station leaders!

CoT – Baby Hands

“TPS report reminded us that to be leaders we must develop and possess the skills. Vision, Articulation, Persuasion and Exhortation. However, we also need to be virtuous. Using those skills in a virtuous way, having Candor and Commitment, being Consistent, possessing Candor, Commitment and Courage. As you go forward today, be the husband that holds his wife’s hand, the man that gets on a knee to talk with a child, and make somebody’s day better.”

Prayer – Bob Ross

Announcements, Recognition, and Leadership Team

Recognize past LT teams – TPS Report
Acknowledge Roach and gift presentation – TPS Report
HIM belt presentation – Baby Hands to Flush
LT 4.0 – Snoop-a-Loop, Flush, Goldberg, and Baby Hands
Flags – Endurance, Fortitude, Valor
Handy Manny 1,000+ post recognition

Coffee – Thank you F3NF, Bob Ross, Java, Eola Family Chiropractic

Naked Man Moleskin

What an awesome event and a great experience working with some great HIM to get it planned. Huge thank you to MiaHamm who helped kick things off and put together the blueprint for the convergence. I am pretty sure we would have never gotten this event off the ground without the couple of hour long calls we had to discuss this thing. Thank you Sun Devil for all of your consultation and suggestions based on your knowledge from the last convergence. Thumb Drive and Judge Smails, you guys were all in and helped with so many details that would have been forgotten. From the Google Form, to the awesome Two Wolves Graphic, to the station write-ups, and showdown planning, you guys were great.

Thank you to the pre-game coordinators. Snoop-a-loop, Wine-in-a-Box, DJ Sump Pump, CK … you guys helped get the PAX hyped up and ready to go. How about those chains…!? Thanks Snoop. (Honorable mention to Shirley Temple for those sleds!)

The station leaders who gave up their Saturday workout to make sure you guys had to bust your asses need to be acknowledged as well … CVS, Judge Smails, Calvin Klein (CK), Bartles and Jaymes (and Riunite), and Ozark. Thanks for the push men. You guys kept us moving and ensured the love/hate relationship was strong.

Team Leaders and Team 6’s – Thanks for keeping your teams together, engaged, and flat out killing the course. MiaHamm and Webelos, Bean Counter and Snoop-a-Loop, Thumb Drive and Road Trip, 1Bar and Aladdin, Daisy and Laimbeer.

Something that really stuck out to me during the planning process was just how willing EVERYONE was to help in any way possible. I don’t think there was a single task that was asked where anyone declined. If anything, we would run out of things for PAX to do to help. In that same breath though, it definitely takes a lot of work to get one of these things planned. As I have been saying at all of my posts so far this week … if you see any of the guys mentioned above at an AO this week … make sure to give them a pat on the back. A lot of volunteer work, but work that I feel paid off. I think the event was a success!

Finally, Wet Wipe and Baby Hands, thanks for trusting this group of PAX to put this on. Again, a lot of work, but very rewarding in the end.

As always, it is a privilege and an honor!

Bean Counter, MiaHamm, Thumb Drive, and Judge Smails!

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