02/23/2021 - The Launch Pad - AOVQ – BC – full body beatdown; rinse and repeat

AO: The Launch Pad

When: 02/23/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Chazz, Cupcake, Dabo, Glass Joe, Mia Hamm, Moonlight, Radio Flyer,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Thumb Drive


In addition to having a goal to Q at all AOs this year, I was specifically excited to Q at the Launchpad for variety of options the AO offers. As hopeful I was about the warmer weather, it was quick enough to melt the snow but made it a lot wose with wet/black ice.

I got to the AO much earlier for this very reason to check out which of the 3 options of workouts I would use. All them would have inlcuded a fair bit of runnning. Another one of my goals to face my fears and implement that as a part of my Q, and running was one of them.

Unfortunately, I couldnt find any safe option for even a mosey. So had to modify fully to ensure no one gets hurt. I had enough time to setup a workout that included more coupon work and no running (inspired by one of Porkgrinds workouts; i think it was his 1/4 birthday Q).

The number of pax didnt matter to me as much as me wanting to provide a thorough and safe workout for whoever showed up. I was also excited to meet new faces!

The first person I saw was moonlight (i always got the impression from his that he dislikes coupons and loves the fast paced, running workouts, which are a great burner by the way). He asked me, if we needed a coupon? I thought to myself, he is not going to like me saying yes and the coupon work coming up.



The Thang

Group #1 stayed on one side of the parking lot and were instructed to do the following exercises OYO:

  • 45 chest presses w/coupon – 25 merkins
  • 45 curls w/coupon – 25 dips
  • 45 overhead presses – 25 mountain climbers, each leg = 1/2
  • After finishing the above 3 sets of exercises, bear crawl to this other side of the parking lot


Group #2 was on the other side of the parking lot and were instructed to do the following exercises OYO:

  • 45 squats – 25 plank jacks
  • 45 lunges, each leg = 1 – 25 grady corns, each clap = 1/2
  • 45 shoulder taps, each shoulder = 1 – 25 SSH
  • After finishing the above 3 sets of exercises, lunge walk to this other side of the parking lot
  • Rinse and repeat until 5:55am



  • fredy mercuries IC 15
  • box cutters IC 15
  • sweat angels IC 15
  • heal taps IC 15
  • Hold high plank until 6 (we had about 40 seconds to spare)

Circle of Trust

Proverbs 25:16, NLT: “Do you like honey? Don’t eat too much, or it will make you sick!”

Shared about how my routine was a lot different during the early months of pandemic, and then post f3, where i sensed an imbalance in things. Either it was no workout, late nights, lots of rest with the additional time from no commute. Or it was early mornings with F3 and ending the day soon, focused on health and diet but cutting short of quality time with family.

Message as to find moderation and balance in all things. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Extreme use of anything is abuse. God wants us to maximize the use of things in life by not overusing any of them. This is an important rule of wisdom and success for your life.

God created honey as a sweet gift for taste, and it is good for your body. Yet too much can overwhelm your senses and make you sick. When we find something pleasant, we should use it prudently for its intended purpose.

Every man’s honey is different. What is sweet to your taste but tempts you to overindulge in it? What is your honey? It is your duty to identify those pleasures that captivate you the most and be temperate with them (I Cor 9:25). What is your honey?

Naked Man Moleskin

I was pretty bummed cause I wanted to be fully prepared for a good workout. However with the modify I wasn’t fully sure if the PAX would be acceptive of it. It was a faily quiet crowd, some mumbler chatter here and there. It was OYO so there wasn’t much of one waiting on the other. As we went thru half of the time, it was nice to see that PAX were pushing themselves as the reps were adding up and it was getting a bit harder.

I was humbledto get feedback that PAX did appreciate the beatdown and the fact that it was a modify, yet challenged everyone.

There was no music (an AAR feedback was received). I can be well prepared for this, especially if a modify calls for all PAX to stay in the same place. I only had one copy of the workouts written one sheet of paper so PAX had to come take a peek now and them. Only if chalk worked on black ice!

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