10/15/2020 - Dark Tower - Bjorn’s secret playground black diamond

AO: Dark Tower

When: 10/15/2020


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Aladdin, Augustus Gloop, Baby Hands, Ball Boy, Bjorn, Curds, Goldberg, Harbaugh, Hootie, House Arrest, Patchouli, Smokey, Wide Right,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: frank the tank

QIC: Bjorn


Today was a nice morning, about 50 degrees but pretty windy.  It was great to have a good crowd show up!


Quick warm-o-rama since we had a lot scheduled.

25 SSH in cadence

10 tappy-taps in cadence

10 arm circles in cadence forward then backwards

The Thang

Run to the secret playground which was about 1.5 miles.  Pax were flying, the pace felt like sub 7 or around 7 but I did not clock it.  The route is slightly down hill too which I didn’t notice until the way back when we were running up hill after the workout.

Once we got to the park we partnered up and did a DORA…. Knowing what the workout was going to be I picked House arrest as my partner since he is a pull-up machine.  🙂


100 hand release merkins

200 pullups (after teams complete 100 they switch to inverted rows)

300 plank jacks with arms bent at 90 degrees with intent to burn out the hopefully already fatigued chest and back.

While partner one was doing the exercises partner two ran up the hill to the first intersection and back.

THANG 2 was a ladder that we didn’t really get to so we will have to complete at a later date.

at 5:45 we ran back to DT which felt like 6 miles.


jump ropes in cadence to 30

Plank knee to shoulder with arms bent at 90 degrees to 15 count in cadence

High Plank: knee to shoulder in cadence to 30

Circle of Trust

Even if I have already peaked, I have to believe I can improve.  I wake up every morning and go to practice, with the illusion that I’m going to get better that day.  -Rafa Nadal

Most of us are probably considered to be past our prime, as is Nadal.  However we can’t let this mindset get the best of us.  Because it is a mindset.  Sure, it gets harder as we get older but that excuse shouldn’t stand in the way of achieving great things.  At 36 I feel like I am in the best shape of my life because of F3 and I am still seeking improvement thanks to all of you!

Naked Man Moleskin

With the black diamond mentality of non-stop and “no 6” I rushed the explanation which left PAX confused on the workout.  I wrote the ladder info on the ground but it was still too dark to see.  My apologies to the PAX, but hey, live and learn.  I’ll do better next time.

Smokey commented on my jump squat form which I appreciate… There is room for improvement in all of us!

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