09/13/2021 - Dark Tower - I forgot I signed up to Q BD Monday

AO: Dark Tower

When: 09/13/2021


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Bjorn, Blinky, Serena,

DR Names: Gordon's not FNG I will add him today as long as his info is in directory

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Aladdin


  8:33 AM

@channel :black_heart::gem: PreBlast 9/13 0500 @ Dark Tower :black_heart::gem:No coupons needed HC :point_down::skin-tone-4: SYITG
5 Core Principles
Let’s Party


Our WoR was in a pearls of a string fashion

SSH IC 20 (reg DT meeting place in lot)

65lb sandbag toss up the hill starting from where we plant the flags and back down to the paved riverwalk north of the music instruments

Goodmornings IC 20 (by the cafe)

Blarts IC 20 (secret spot we never use by eagle and riverwalk)

Goofballs IC 20 (in front of Huge American flag by City Hall)



The Thang

Thang One

Indian Run (along the Naperville riverwalk, right on Hillside, towards turf field on West)

Our objective was to stay together. If we got too far apart there would be penalty PT involved. The focus was not speed it was not being sloppy as hell. No penalties were paid as we did an excellent job maintaining a steady pace. Along the way we sprinkled 20 burpees, 20 merkins, 20 (4) count leg lifts.

Thang Two (turf field on West) 

Smokey inspired Bear Crawl ladder. I remember this as I was newer to the BD world. He held a BD on Labor day last year. The energy was electric that day and the beatdown even better. I quickly remembered how HARD it was.

One partner performs (no surrenders, plank jacks, big boys) while the other bear crawls to the 10 yard line, sprint back relieve partner. Partner one stays back perform exercise while partner two bear crawls to the 20 yard line, sprints back. Rinse and repeat until 100 yards.

As we said Labor Day of 2020 “if one goes up a ladder, one must come down a ladder” the theme was perfect being we were still in 9/11 remembrance mode. We came back down until about the 60 yard line and then I called it for the next Thang.

Thang Three

Partner wheel barrow Race. Serena & Bjorn were a Team and Gordon’s and Blinky were another.

Race 20 yards.

SB won first crack it.

SB and GB tied second time around and we determined time went to the first winners.

For the tie breaker it was myself and Gordon vs SB.

They whooped us yet again and claimed the WBR Championship.

Indian Run to the top of the hill (sprinkled in 20 burpees at the corner of West & Aurora)


Shoulder Taps IC 78 (representing the floors climbed by NYFD)

High Plank 15 sec


Recover recover





Circle of Trust

No matter what you do, you will always have critics.

Shared this from page 102 on Maximizing Your Potential.

Here’s a few sentences; This is true because some people cannot bear to see others succeed.

This opposition often occurs because your critics aren’t doing anything.

Those who are working out their own dreams don’t need to be threatened by your accomplishments. They are too busy to be jealous and too confident to worry how your success might affect them.

As David Goggins says,”Do You”!

Prayers for Tom, Rico’s brother, Blues and his family, Giggles father.

Praise and prayers for Glen’s Family, Clearcoat and his M, and my MIL Maria.

Final Prayer


Naked Man Moleskin

I sign up to Q weeks in advance and usually schedule in blocks of 4. This was done a few weeks back and I quickly forgot I had signed up until I saw it pop up on my calendar Sunday morning. I was like OH GREAT!

Oh well Q-ing for me is always exciting until it’s time to Lead. Good thing I like being uncomfortable.

I quickly remembered Smokey’s Q from last year and wanted to copy Thang Two (credit was given where credit was due).

I searched and search the backblast (I know Smokey actually does his) and couldn’t find it to save my life. I stopped searching. I had the jist of it enough to put my plan together. I typed (Labor Day) in the search bar one last time before bed and boom it popped up.

It was a beautiful gloom. I didn’t feel like leading yet had a mission to accomplish. I wasn’t about to disappoint the HIM’s in attendance.

Serena’s first BD was Smokey’s last year and LOOK AT HIM NOW!!!

Bjorn was on straight SAVAGE mode. He was crushing his bear crawls staying hard out there.

Gordon’s was nice and refreshed from his 2nd F event this past Friday. Super proud of how far you’ve came in such short time.

My man Blinky kept me in the game. I was breaking down out there. He would make funny noises and was busting my chops to stay HARD. I loved his energy and it for sure carried me through.

I appreciate the support brothers. Thanks for joining me on this glorious morning.

Until next time…

See you @ the TOP!

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