01/21/2023 - Mammoth - Mammoth Spartan

AO: Mammoth

When: 01/21/2023


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cousin Eddie


Pre Blast:  The Mammoth Run Club 1/21/23 6:30AM

AOVQ Alert:  That’s right.  YHC has been to the Mammoth a few times but has not Q’d.  This is a Run Club but it won’t be your out and back or your ring around the lake.  This is a run to test your mental toughness as well as your physical.  HC in the thread and prepare to run.  Have shoes for all surfaces in case we go a bit off road.

The Scene:  YHC left Two Wolves and arrived with about 9 minutes to scope out the area.  As I exited the car, Sun Devil was rucking up to me (he had come from Early Iron Lion, he must have hit the overdrive)  I told him my plan and we took a quick mosey to check it out.  Good thing we did.  The Memorial/Sunken Garden outer perimeter has the memorials right in the middle of the path, not very conducive to running.  However, there is another path “sunken” within the garden that looked just about right.  I put down my stuff, set the watch and took a quick run around it.  309 ft..translation, 103 yards.  We are back in business!  Hurried back to the flags to see 8 other PAX ready to go.

Welcome & Disclaimer

F3 has 5 core principles:  1. Free 2. Open to ALL men 3. Peer led in a rotating fashion 4. Held outdoors rain or shine, heat or cold 5. Ends in a Circle of Trust

I am not a professional.  You are here of your own free will.  I have no knowledge of any injuries or fitness considerations. It is your responsibility to be safe and modify exercises as needed.

In cadence (IC) is the rhythm in between each rep or the body movement between each rep.

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  Our credo is to leave no man behind and leave no man where you found him.


SSH – IC (4 count) x 25

Bat Wings – IC (4 count) x 10

Monkey Humpers – IC (4 count) x 20


The Thang

THANG 1 The Spartan

I set up cones in front of one set of stairs as the starting/ending spot.  Set up the speaker and the timer.

The Spartan is 100 yards run, 10 merkins x 30 rounds

So this was going to be 3090 yards, 300 merkins.

PAX start at the cones, run around the path, do 10 merkins and that is 1 round.

Complete this as fast as you can.  YHC is shooting for 25 minutes.  That did not happen.

If you finish early, Cocoon, Lightfoot and Road Runner did, loop the upper track or keep running with a brother until everyone finishes.

I think this may have been the most merkins/push ups that Road Runner has ever done in his life.  I hope I didn’t break him.

Running in a circle is much more of a physical and mental challenge than running a straight 100 yards like on a football field.  YHC completed this in 31 minutes and 30 seconds.  Many of the PAX had not finished but enough of them could finish and wanted to finish so we kept after them for the next 10 minutes until I called it as I wanted to get part of Thang 2 as we made our way back to the flags.

THANG 2 – Black Snake

Line up.  The pax in the back weaves their way through the rest of the pax until they reach the front.  Make sure each pax leaves ample space.  We did this from the Memorial Garden, down the street and back around to the parking lot and the flags.  We did not have time for Thang 3.


Various Stretches

Circle of Trust


As I like to say on Saturday, if this is your first time hearing them, post more often 😉

Name – o – rama:  Cousin Eddie, Bob Ross, Initech, Cataracts, Iced Tea, Sun Devil, Cocoon, Lightfoot, Eminem, Road Runner


Our prayers were answered and Nacho Libre returned to Early Iron Lion this morning.  Continue prayer for his recovery.

Additional prayers for the following PAX:


F3 Knoxville and Cardinal’s family

Zima’s family

Spaceballs family

Pray for an end to the war in the Ukraine

Naked Man Moleskin

I have used this poem before in my COT and it came back into my mind yesterday as I was prepping for this.
The Runner’s Mile
Author Unknown
As I laced up my shoes
For my morning run
I suddenly felt His presence,
Envelop me…
Something like the sun

“Hi, God. I know it’s been awhile…”
“Hey, friend, I know you have been busy,
Can I join you for a mile?”

We set off down the track
Talked about this, talked about that
After awhile as I picked up my pace,
I felt that he was hanging back.

“Hey, God, you mind if I run ahead?”
I wanted to maintain my PR-
For me, it’s better your best
Or just stay in bed.

He said, “Go ahead-hope you don’t mind,
But I lightened up your load.”
And as I looked back, he was picking up
My sins, troubles and burdens
From the road.

I was so touched.
That I began to cry.
I felt HIS warm embrace.
And all the fear in me died.

“You keep running,
I’ll take care of you.
And remember in all things…
To thine own self be true.”

Now I always run with HIM
And through thick and thin
He always carries my load
And I always WIN

Lord, thank you for letting us get up this morning. Thank you for helping us exercise our bodies so that we may open our hearts and free our spirits. Protect each of these men and all the men of F3 Nation as they go about their day and all with whom they come in contact.

Cousin Eddie

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