08/03/2022 - Iron Lion - NFL Training Camp: with Special Guest Matt Eberflus, Head Coach, Chicago BEARS

AO: Iron Lion

When: 08/03/2022


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Blues Clues


There’s something about August when you arrive in the gloom…the dog days of summer…the warm grass…the humid and heavy air…brings me back to football practice and specifically today, DEFENSIVE football practice, and so it is…another trip to NFL style training camp…


***5 Core Principles + F3 Mission + Credo ***


Tie Fighters

Tappy Taps

Imperial Walkers

Agile, Mobile, Hostile

Mosey to football field with some NFL Films music along the way…

The Thang

Defense wins championships and in the game of football you have to move up, down, left, right, and all around to stop the ball. You also have to move shit out of your way and BEAT the offense.

Thang #1 Sideline to Sideline

  • PAX partner up in teams of 3
    • First pair do medicine ball lateral strides 30, 50, 70 yards sideline to sideline
      • 12lb and 25 lb medicine balls rotate through this exercise
    • Single PAX does 4×4’s until First Pair returns. Switch it up
      • Do this for 3 heats, replacing 4×4’s with Speed Mountain Climbers and then Hootie Climbers.

Thang #2 Hamburger

Speed kills. So does quickness. Split into two teams. Two PAX line on 6 head to head. On Q’s call, PAX hope to their feet and smash sprint about 7 yards to touch cone. First PAX to touch cone wins a point. While head to head PAX are competing in Hamburger, Q is giving other PAX waiting various exercises. SSH, Merkins, etc. More burpees for losing team.

Thang #3 Goal Line Stand

Split into two teams. 5 PAX on offense, 5 on defense. Offense calls cadence and snaps the ball. If anyone jumps penalty burpees. Offense sprints 10 yards, Defense sprints 30 yards because the defense has to always work harder. Repeat 3 times each per team. Block out the crowd noise and do NOT jump!

Thang #4 Follow the Football

Q lines up on 5 yard line with everyone else facing him on goaline. Q holds football left, right, forward, backward, up, down. Everyone else shuffles their feet following the football all over the field. The Q should move the unit 100 yards down and 100 yards all the way back through a series of start and stops and turns and shuffles, up and down, etc.

Thang #5 BEAR Down

Merkin Ring of Fire except each PAX does 2 Merkins with a 40lb sand bag on their back. 1 = BEAR, 2 = Down.

6 o’clock Recover, Recover…

Circle of Trust

Today’s special guest is Matt Eberflus, Head Coach of the Chicago Bears. I don’t know what kind of coach he will be but I know as the head coach of an NFL football team he has a tremendous responsibility AND opportunity to LEAD…

Many life lessons come from sports, team sports especially, football a cliché for sure however a highly applicable one…

As a result I re-shared this excerpt from Q-Source on “Leadership Skills” focusing on the first 3 parts and leaving the 4th “obstacle” here:



The Leadership Skills are the four capabilities of Effective Leadership that enable a man do what a Leader does

Leadership is Influencing Movement to Advantage. To do that Effectively, a man must Competently apply the Leadership Skills:

First, he must have Vision, which is the ability to recognize Advantage and the Movement required to achieve it. If he does not know where he is going and why, then he will not be able to Influence anyone else to follow him there.

Second, he must be capable of Articulation, which is the act of describing his Vision to others. People will not abandon their Status Quo for a superior position unless they understand where they are going.

 Third, he possess the means of Persuasion, which is the initiation of first Movement. Despite their recognition that a Leader’s Vision is Advantageous, human nature is to cling to the Status Quo even it is inferior. Through Persuasion, a Leader convinces people to begin Movement and gain Momentum.

Fourth, because Movement produces uncontrollable circumstances, the Leader knows that Obstacles (Problems that impede Movement) will inevitably arise. An Effective Leader is ready to use Exhortation to incentivize his followers to breach Obstacles and maintain Momentum toward Advantage.

Naked Man Moleskin

Speaker City, very strong, very quick 🙂

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