01/12/2022 - La Luz - No one on Q so I took it!

AO: La Luz

When: 01/12/2022


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Aladdin


  8:37 AM

PreBlast La Luz :hiking_boot::tent: 1/12/2022 0515 @channel :coupon: :bulb::muscle:Are you looking for something with light running & heavy lifting? La Luz is the place to HC. We’ll focus on form, nice & slow. There will a 400m loop in between sets to keep us warm. We’ll stay as a unit the entire 45, nothing will be OYO. We’ll be “parking lot pimping” but first HC below.
*Coupons required. SYITG
5 Core Principles
Mission and Purpose
Let’s Party!


Michael Phelps IC 15

Arm Circles Forward SC 15

Arm Circles Backwards SC 15

Seal Claps IC 15

Shoulder Stretch (each side) SC 15


The Thang

Thang One – Coupon Ladder (same parking location by the flags where we circle up)


10 sets of exercises, perform one set as a unit on my up/down and run 250m run (parking lot)

100 curls 20×5

90 chest press 30×3

80 bent over rolls 20×4

70 overhead press 25-25-20

60 dark tower chest press 20×3

50 tricep extensions 25×2

40 standing chest press 10×4

30 coupon dips 15×2

20 coupon merkins 10×2


Recover Recover

10 EC blookees to finish the ladder (thanks to Twilight for the push RESPECT) everyone participated with a good attitude cause at La Luz WE DONT GET TIRED!!!





Circle of Trust

Matthew 23:11-12 AMP

“But the greatest among you will be your servant. 12 Whoever exhalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be raised to honor.”

Exhalt: to rasie in rank, honor, power, to praise

Jesus is referring to leading by example. This story in the bible was when he was telling people about their “religious leaders” warning them to do as they say not as they do. They did what they did for show, not in love. Jesus served not to be seen but to serve his father in heaven as should we.

God loves servant leadership. 

As followers of Jesus Christ he exemplified this the most.

He is our Chief example of this very principle.

Final Prayer


Naked Man Moleskin

I Q sheet was open yet again so I said “if it’s up to be, it’s up to me”! I gladly picked it up. The only way we can teach change is by leading by example. Don’t ask of others what you are first unwilling to do yourself.

I’ve worked this Q a few times already. I learned it from Roach Coach F324 of 2020. I’ve since then tweaked it a bit. I’ve failed at it a few times yet get better every attempt. So far this one flowed the smoothest. I cut the 400m loop by about 100-150m in order to assure ample time to finish the ladder. Even with that adjustment we only got to 20 coupon merkins. That is of course until Twilight stepped up after the picture by the flag and said heck nah Let’s FINISH!! Talk about iron sharpening iron! How can a man not get excited? Subway straight crushed it, game face on the entire time. Snoop doing Snoop thangs working out and exceeding his CommQ (thanks for all you do brother). Blowout from F3XR baby!!! I think he’s starting to like La Luz Fridayzzzzzz. We appreciate you blessing us with your presence, another in the RESPECT club who straight beasted! Zumiez slept in yet CAME IN when he woke up, that’s honorable my man. That’s the kind of stuff that fires me up, the lessons learned and lives changed by the renewal of our minds. Blues & Sun Devil with the BIG BOY COUPONS talk about CRAY CRAY. This Thang is hard enough with a regular coupon. Well done brothers! Carmen SanDiego on one, huffing and puffing yet steady working. Twice in a rolling seven days, my mannnnnn! It was Dumpter Fires first time at La Luz and hopefully not his last. He brought his A game (nothing less was accepted by YHC). Moth Man silent but deadly cracking the whip on his fitness. WP in the house staying HARD with #75Hard. Start Up honoring his word, gaining confidence everyday. Love it brother! We did as we said we would! I asked the PAX to keep me accountable the entire 45. We all got better. Today we did as Jesus would do. Glory to GOD!

Aladdin signing off…

See you @ the TOP!

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