10/16/2020 - Holy Hill - Quarter Pounder with Cheese for a Triple Nickel

AO: Holy Hill

When: 10/16/2020


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Handy Manny, HH Gregg, Niners, Sosa, The Wedding Planner, Thumb Drive, Tonka,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Handy Manny


Preblast was sent out and the HC’s slowly trickled in.  Many good options out there today.  Typically I would do some call outs, but after a long day/week at work, I lacked the energy.  We had 7 HCs as I went to bed.  Morning came and the weather report showed 50 degrees, however, as I walked out the door toward the car, I realized I needed an extra layer as the wind was howling which made if feel much cooler.  I headed over to Holy Hill and went to set up my cones and quickly realized that my cones would not work as the wind was blowing them all over.  Instead we would use the light poles as our markers.  Cars started to roll in ready for today’s fun.  As 5:15 hit we were at 6 other PAX, as it looked like Dutch Boy remained in the fart-sack.  PAX circled up and got focused.

Welcome and Disclaimer was provided.

Onto WoR



Warm-up (IC)
  1. SSH (30)
  2. Tappy Taps (15)
  3. Imperial Walkers (10)
  4. Abe Vigodas (10)
  5. Merkins (15 on down)
  6. Arm Circles (10/10)

The Thang

 Mosey to the Hill with coupon
Thang 1 – Triple Nickel
  1. 5 Blockees at bottom of hill, run up hill, 5 Burpees at top of hill, run down hill – Repeat 5 Times
Thang 2 – Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  1. Riffle Carry coupon to 1st light, perform 25 Irkins, run backwards to start
  2. Run to 1st light, pick up coupon, riffle carry with coupon to 2nd light with coupon, perform 50 Curl Press, run backwards to start
  3. Run to 2nd light, pick up coupon, riffle carry coupon to 3rd light, perform 75 Coupon Squat, run backwards to start
  4. Run to 3rd light, pick up coupon, riffle carry coupon to 4th light, perform 100 run Tall Coupon Chest Press to run backwards to start
  5. Run to 4th cone, pick up coupon, riffle carry coupon to 5th light, perform 125 High Coupon Dips run backwards to start
  6. To finish off, Lunge Walk entire length of parking lot, pick up coupon and mosey back to flags.
 Mary (IC)
  1. Box Cutters (20)
  2. Gas Pumps (20)
  3. Flutter Kicks (20)
  4. Heel Touches (20)
  5. Freddie Mercury (20)
  6. Hold Plank for 1 minute

Circle of Trust

CoR:  7
Announcements:  Check out Slack – Get on Q Sheet
Prayer Requests:  People impacted by the floods in India
Thanks for the opportunity to lead you this morning and for all those that came out to support me and each other here today and F3 Naperville for providing this stage we perform on every morning to improve ourselves and each other.
Let us pray
Lord thank you for bringing these men together this fine morning to better themselves. Every day brings with it new challenges and opportunities. Give us the strength to overcome, learn and grow.  Help us all cast a shadow of influence on those we touch. We give prayers to those that are suffering, lost and searching for their way in life. Special prayers to members impacted by the floods in India and those impacted by COVID, and our own personal unspoken needs. These words we pray. Amen.

Naked Man Moleskin

Everyone crushed today’s workout.  Some quick individual memories from today –

General – Although 50 degrees – wind made it feel much colder.  Reminded me of winter coming.

HH Gregg – Tried to calculate and understand why Thang 1 was called Triple Nickel (5 reps of exercise, movement, 5 exercises done 5 times)

Wedding Planner – Pointing out to me that my preblast did not require coupons, lesson learned – always bring your coupon.

Thumb Drive – Appeared half asleep as he approached the PAX, as Niners told him a few times to grab his coupon out of the car, only to have Thumb Drive ask if he needed a coupon once he entered the circle.

Tonka – Solid Site Q Sub (as always) – setting the pace and provider of coupon for Wedding Planner

Niners – Leading from out front, commented on the pain the small movement of the tall coupon dips offered up

Sosa – Nursing a hamstring that the hill did not help

Dutch Boy – ZZZZZZZ

Thanks to all who came out!  Keep getting after it!  Until next time….

Handy Manny

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