01/23/2023 - La Luz - The time is NOW!

AO: La Luz

When: 01/23/2023


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: Road Trip


If logging miles suits your Monday morning La Luz is here for you!

Welcome to F3 La Luz for RC my name is Road Trip!

5 Core Principles


Head Count

Start to visualize the posted route as we start WoR.

Line it up along the curb for the first exercise.


The first exercise Calf Raises 20 on my up.

Second exercise is Slow High Knees IC-20

The last exercise is a .4 mile mosey to the starting point.

Start your clocks! Less go!

The Thang

We get to the starting point of a .6 mile lap along the Fox River. I chose this route because of the nice scenery and to keep us all close. Pax can let the legs loose and adjust accordingly. I give final instructions with the 2 loops we’re going to run in the same block, no street crossings. Let’s go!

We’re off and rolling I enjoyed this route because of the nice views. Chilly morning along the fox with water rushing as we loop the route. Slowly but surely pax start to cross paths, encouraging words as we all pass each other. Redfin takes the lead as others follow along behind him! Miles are rolling as we get closer to return time. I begin to yell check your clock!  Adjust your lap with commute back to the flags. All pax kept up with their pace and make it to the flags 5:58. Cool down walk until 6 o’clock. Recover Recover.

Circle of Trust

I came up on a quote while strolling online the other day and it stuck. It said “you can’t give your life more time, so give the time you have left more life! The time is now to attack those thoughts you have. Don’t wait until who knows who to initiate them. As life has shown us tomorrow is never promised. Life happens and is very unexpected. If you have something you have been putting off for whatever reason when will you take charge of it? Don’t wait if you have the time NOW! Fill your time with life! As we can’t add more life to our lives. Please be mindful of the time we have and make the best of it.


Prayer to a number of pax on recovery and special shout out to Boy Sandwich on the journey he’s on with his family.

Naked Man Moleskin

Shout out to Start up for getting in a 4:30 EC with me as we logged a total of 9 miles. After a bump in the road he’s back on track which is awesome. Great to see the respect club getting after it every Monday as they add much needed energy to the AO. Thanks to Kapusta covering the 6th making sure we all got back in time.

Until next time , Road Trip.

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