03/25/2021 - The Citadel - They don’t know me SON1

AO: The Citadel

When: 03/25/2021


Number of Pax: 27

Pax Names: Ball Boy, Blues Clues, Bobby Fischer, Carmen SanDiego, Cataracts, Clearcoat, Cupcake, CVS, DJ Sump Pump, Elmer Fudd, Flo, Glenn, Handy Manny, Lawnmower, Moonlight, Parks and Rec, Paula Deen, Pork Rinds, Puddles, Road Trip, Sam Walton, Serena, Thomas Tank Engine, Toady,

DR Names: N/A

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names: Fail Mary, Bassmaster - not FNG's

QIC: Aladdin


  7:41 AM

@channel PREBLAST The Citadel Run Club 3/25/21 0515Did you keep up with the Palmetto crew this past weekend? If so we’re doing something similar. We’ll call it the “You don’t know me SON Relay”. We’ll be on pavement the whole time and we might even have a few special guest. Lace em up and HC in the :thread::point_down::skin-tone-4:
F3 Disclosure
5 Core Principles
Let’s PARTY!!!


Magic Carpet Motivators from 8

Straight hamstring leg stretch 15 SC

Left over right hamstring stretch 15 SC

Right over left hamstring stretch 15 SC

Tappy Taps 15 IC

Mosey to Church Parking lot

The Thang

Palmetto Relay Inspired Run Club

6 cones placed in the lot. We split up into teams of 3 (total of 9 teams) PAX # 1 would start at first set of cones at the NE side of the lot. Run (as fast or slow) to second set of cones NW side of the lot for the handoff to PAX #2. PAX 1 stays back and does seal clamps until relieved. PAX #2 runs to third set of cones located at SE side of the lot relieving PAX 3 as he runs to relieve PAX 1 on second set of cones. PAX 3 continues with seal clamps until relieved. We used glow sticks as batons  if dropped at the handoff both PAX would pay with 10 penalty merkins.

Rinse and repeat until 0555

Run to the flags for MARY


Merkin Ring of Fire. Each PAX perform 3 merkins of their choice while the rest hold plank.



Circle of Trust

There is no such thing as a lazy person; he is either sick or uninspired. -Zig Ziglar

One of my greatest mentors, RIP.

I love quotes in general this one is one of my favs.

I shared with the PAX the 3 top reasons I tagged along with the Palmetto 200 Boyz.

  1. Inspiration 2. Fellowship 3. Preparation

As community Leaders I believe it’s our DUTY to stay inspired ourselves in hopes of inspiring someone else. After all we were once sad clowns ourselves until someone/something INSPIRED us.

Look at us now….0606 sweaty and fired up after being out here for an hour plus.

Shine bright and more importantly share that light with others!

We can turn on someone’s candle if our’s is not on first.

Naked Man Moleskin

Another glorious morning in F3 Naperville. As I finalized my plan last night I was filled with joy and excitement. I had thought about it all day yet the pieces didn’t click until about 1010 last night. Then it all made sense (logistics).

We did a relay style RC to change things up a bit. PAX gave solid efforts. Carmen San Diego gave the best effort as his split some merlot (SCORE). Fail Mary I believe is his name 62 year old HIM inspired me the most personally. Those are GOALS right there. A lot of PAX in attendance which is always humbling. Bobby Fisher, Elmer Fudd and Glenn took home first place (b*stards). 2nd place went to ……nobody cares lol jk kinda. Pork Rinds blessed us with a bunch of goodies, thank you brother! A lot of newer faces. Sam Walton is a beast and I was fortunate to be his teammate this morning, it’s true what I’m hearing about you. Cataracts was running like he was getting chased by a dog (don’t tell BB), Parks and Rec is no longer in the Clydesdale category, Paula Deen made a surprise appearance in that new new Tesla (congratulations brother), all around IMHO it was a success. I wont mention the fartsackers as I feel we’ve given them enough crap for it. I hope they rebound tomorrow or Saturday. It’s always an honor MEN, I walked out INSPIRED and I hope you found some inspiration ITG yourself.

They don’t know US son!!!

Aladdin signing off….

See you @ the TOP!

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  1. Fail Mary

    Fail Mary: not a FNG; not 62.

  2. Pork Rinds

    Great job today Aladdin! Man are my hamstrings sore and tight from all the sprinting! And by the way, the team of Ball Boy, Paula Deen and yours truly came in second, but no one cares……LOL!

    1. Aladdin

      I know you guys did brother 👊🏽

  3. Aladdin

    & THANK YOU 🙏🏽

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