11/19/2021 - The Complex - Vicious Blockees

AO: The Complex

When: 11/19/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Backdraft, Bean Counter, Bongo, Bronco, Columbus, Long Story, Room Service, Sparky,

DR Names:

Number of FNGS:

FNG Names:

QIC: Bean Counter


Preblast – Friday 11/19 5:15 at The Complex
It has been a while since my first and only Q at TC. I look forward to getting back at it tomorrow. Join YHC for a full body beatdown. Bring your gloves, coupons, and the will to push yourself. I will bring the tunes. Let’s get after it!

It was a little chilly, but I think all PAX were dressed accordingly and things got heated pretty quick!

Circled up, Hit play on the music. Five Core Principals recited, Disclaimer stated. Let’s go!


Slow Good Mornings IC x 10

Downward Dog Left Calf Stretch Slow 10 Count

Updog Hold / Stretch 10 Count

Downward Dog Right Calf Stretch Slow 10 Count

Updog Hold / Stretch 10 Count

Overhead Claps IC x 15

Goofballs IC x 15

Mosey with coupons to South side of parking low.

The Thang

Thang 1 – Blockee Ladder

Start at ‘base’. One Blockee, One walking lunge with coupon on shoulder (L+R = 1). Run back to base.

Run back to Coupon. Two Blockees, Two Walking lunges with coupon on shoulder (L+R = 1). Run back to base.

Continue until you finish with 10 Blockees, 10 Walking Lunges, Run back to base and then back to coupon. Hold plank for the 6.

By the time we got to that last set it ended up being a good 80 yard run down and back or so. False sense of ‘easy’ after the first two sets had you running maybe 5 yards!

Mosey with coupons over to roller hockey rink.

Thang 2 – Vicious Cycle!

PAX line up and run laps around the perimeter of the hockey rink. PAX in the back of the line runs to the middle, performs exercise, then runs to the front of the line. Next PAX goes. We did four rounds.

Round 1 – PAX do a riffle carry mosey. Take turns going to the middle to perform 10 Overhead Press

Round 2 – PAX do a coupon mosey. Take turns going to the middle to perform 15 Triceps Extensions

Round 3 – PAX set coupons down in middle and mosey without them. Take turns doing 20 Merkins

Round 4 – No coupons. PAX do a ‘fast’ mosey. Take turns going to the middle to do 25 LBCs.

We sent two PAX at a time to the middle for round four due to time.

Mosey back to flags.


All PAX start with high knees. YHC started with a football. Toss to another PAX and then drop into high plank. That PAX then tosses to another PAX of his choosing and drops into high plank. Continue until all pax have caught the ball and are down in high plank. Hold for a long 10 count.

Repeat in reverse order. Throw the ball back to the PAX who tossed it to you in round 1. After you throw, go into low plank. Continue until all PAX are in low plank. Hold for a long 10 count.

Round 3 – Everyone take 5 steps backwards. Throw the ball in a new order. Drop into High Plank with right arm up in the air. Continue until all PAX are in high plank with right arm up. Hold for a long 10 count.

Round 4 – Repeat in reverse order. Throw the ball back to the PAX who tossed it to you in round 3. After you throw, go into high plank left arm up. Continue until all PAX are in high plank left arm up. Hold for a long 10 count.

We ended up with 4 drops and one pass to the wrong PAX out of order. 5 penalty burpees OYO.


Circle of Trust

Count – 8 with Bongo who had to leave a little early.

Announcements – Thanks Sparky



I started my CoT today with a little bit of a brag / proud father moment. We had our very first Parent / Teacher conference for my oldest son, Adrian, with his Kindergarten teacher yesterday. He is doing great and is excelling is most of the various academic areas. I am extremely happy for this, but that is not what meant the most to me.

Flash back to his first day or two in Kindergarten this year. I asked him how is day was. He gave me the typical response. It was “ok”. What did you learn? “eh nothing”. You guys do anything FUN? “um, yea.”. I assume I should get used to this. Didn’t realize it would start so soon! Anyways, once we got to talking a bit, he did open up a little bit. He mentioned there were a couple of kids in class that kind of acted out. Kicked the teacher…threw a chair… etc. Turns out some of these kids just need a little more ‘help’ than others. When he told me this, he kind of had a odd smile/smirk on his face and I knew right there what I needed to do. I talked to Adrian about not being judgmental. About always being nice to everyone. Being kind to those who maybe need it a little more. To put it into Kindergarten terms … “Find the kid that no one is playing with and who is by himself, and go ask them if they want to play”.

Imagine the pride I felt last night when his teacher told me that he is doing EXACTLY THAT! She said that the one or two kids who are a little challenged in the social department are the kids that Adrian goes up to EVERYDAY and asks if they want to play. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. But the point is that he is trying to help those kids fit it. He is being nice to everyone. He is not judging or being cliquey with the ‘cool kids’. He is being KIND.

I tie this back into F3 by thinking about what has been built here. We all have a chance every morning to have ‘friends’ to get together with. Men with a common interest. We get together, have the fellowship and get our day started right. We need this. (Couldn’t help but think of the Man Park video Rico posted about). The fact that I can transfer some of these ideas to my 5 year old already has been incredible to experience. The time to start this is now. Let’s teach our kids to be kind and inclusive. If we can impact and mold our kids’ personalities to be kind and inclusive NOW, imagine the impact down the road. Keep this in mind when talking with your kids every day. Aye!?

Prayers for Columbus stepmom and dad. Sir Mix-a-Lot’s mom. All PAX.

Naked Man Moleskin

It was great to get another Q in at the Complex. The slots (when compared to my schedule) seem to fill up quick so when Hotbox needed someone to pick this up for him last minute, I jumped at the chance. It was a GREAT day of Q’s considering we had Ronda Rousey AND Tonka holding birthday Q’s. We still ended up with a great number though, especially for the Thangs that I had planned. Thank you to those who showed up and supported.

I will try not to make it so much time in between now and my next TC Q!

Honored as always,


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