08/05/2022 - La Luz - We’re here for a good time, not a long time.

AO: La Luz

When: 08/05/2022


Number of Pax: 19

Pax Names:

DR Names:

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names:

QIC: Road Trip



We will get tired, then we will give more.

Tag a buddy you haven’t seen and drop that HC.

Join us for coffee and Q Source after.



Welcome to F3 my name is Road Trip , you’re at La Luz for a Bootcamp!

5 Core Principles


Welcome FNG

Head count.

The first exercise is The Burpee-5 OYO. Lesss get it!

The second exercise is Thee Burpee-10 OYO. lol

The next exercise is SSH-30 IC

We have some PAX that are tardy, new La Luz’s Friday rule in full affect. 5 Burppe/Pax that is late.

Blinky’s Site Q Rule. I’m just the messenger lol everyone pays the price.

The last exercise is The Burpee-10 OYO.

Keep your coupons close, they will stay with us at all times.

Form two line and follow me.



The Thang

We mosey over to bridge.

Two lines, one on each side of the bridge. We’ll be competing.

Indian Run-Race w/coupons the first team that makes it to the middle of the bridge wins the first round.

My team take the first L. All PAX are in the middle of the bridge, stay on your side along the rail.

Put your coupons below your butt, the next exercise is Rows! Ass must touch the coupon. LFG!

The first exercise is Rows-30 on my down.

The next exercise is Irkings-20 on my down. DONE!

Pick up your coupons and form your lines again. Round 2

Indian Run-Race to the far east end of the bridge, first team to make it there wins. Ready position Move! GO!

We’re off and the mumble chatter is heard people talking back and fourth lol

We make it to the end and my team takes another L.

Circle up!

The winning team since they are winners get the BIGGER price , hehehe lol

10 Burpees lmao , the losers get 5 Burpees for being less elite compared to the winner. DONE!

But then again second place is better then third place. Hmmm?? Second place is a winner IF there was a third team. Sooo 5 more burpees for second place. First place holds squat while we finish. DONE!

The next exercise is The Merkin-20 on my down. Geeshh getting a bit tired by now.

The next exercise is Thrusters-15 on my up

Someone requests burpees and I’m for the people lol

We do like 5 burpees. DONE! Pick up your coupons and line up with your team at the bridge! Round 3

Indian Run-Race to the middle of the bridge! GO. This time around was a close call. We called it a tie.

Circle Up in the middle of the bridge.

The next exercise is Jump Squat-15 on my up.

The next exercise is Boddy Hurley-15 on my up.

Pick up your coupon.

Line it back up with your team, Indian Run-Race. Round 4 (ahh shiii moment kicking in lol)

My team takes yet another L. But we all make it to the original starting point on the west side of the bridge.

10 count from someone.

The next exercise is Blockies-15 OYO. Go! A few ahhh fuc$ later we are all done.

Pick up your coupons and follow me. We mosey to a river walk area.

The next exercise is Overhead Press-15 on my up. Followed by SSH-30 IC.

Pick up your coupons we out this bihhh , let’s mosey. We head towards the newly renovated promenade. Very nice btw! We make it then line it up along the grass line facing the hill. We drop the coupons here.

The first exercise is The Bear Crawl~15 yards up the hill. HAULT! 5 Burpees lol

We continue the bear crawl another 15 yards forward, HAULT! Mountain Climber-15 IC. DONE!

One last bear crawl up the hill. Then Crawl Bear all the way back to the grass line. A few pax may have thrown up but who knows lol. We make it to the bottom.

Pick up your coupons back up and pick a ledge for step ups. Yes you will step up with your coupons lol

Starting position MOVE! 15 on my up! DONE!

Form two lines. Indian Run-Race back to the flags. Lesss get it duuu!

Circle up for mary.

The first exercise is American Hammers-30 or 40 IC

The next exercise is Leg Lifts-20 on my up.

The last exercise is High plank-low plant.

6:01 , Recover Recover!

Circle of Trust

Thank you all for coming out this morning. The suck was pretty real and I’m glad we got through it together.

Let’s continue to attend whatever AO you can to go through the pain as a unit, grow and better ourselves. Not only to stay healthy but to be better men for our families and communities.

I wanted to send condolences to the families and the family that had a tragic end over the weekend. I don’t know who they are but read that a family went for an outing and unfortunately were in a fatal crash. At the end of the story all the people involved passed. We send all our energy and prayers to them. Life comes at you fast please make sure to make the best of it. We’re here for a good time not a long time.

Prayers for WP, White Claw and the family that passed.

Naked Man Moleskin

No need to tag the men in attendance you know who you are. Thank all of you for putting in the mf work! La Luz Friday’s have a different energy and the atmosphere is amazing. Thank you to the best Site Q Blinky who challenges us all!  Truly leading from the front.

New Friday rule at La Luz, 5 Burpees per pax who arrive late. Everyone pays.

Until next time, Road Trip.

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